Nasty C is indeed the “Zulu Man with Some Power”

The self-proclaimed “coolest kid in Africa” is constantly raising the bar. Nasty C is indeed the “Zulu Man with Some Power”.

They say first impressions count, oh boy! Who can forget “Hell Naw”? The lead single in Nasty C’s Bad Hair album in 2016. If you ever wonder about Nasty C’s power, this year he is serving his fans some sauce and showing his enemies some flames.

The 23-year-old rapper in March 2020, signed a joint venture deal with Def Jam Records Africa and released his first on the label tittle Zulu Man with Some Power. Although the album received mixed reviews in Mzansi, you can hear that the rapper is positioning himself for the global audience.

Nasty C is one of the few versatile rappers in the game that isn’t married to any particular sound. The power of the rapper lies in his curiosity and ability to adapt to the ever-changing hip-hop genre.

If you haven’t watched Zulu Man with Some Power on Netflix, you’re sleeping on the best collab in Mzansi’s hip-hop. The 48-minute documentary film takes viewers on a visual experience of Nasty C’s journey and artistic exploration in Japan. The documentary will give you an appetite for the entire album and you’ll get to tap into Nasty C’s creative powers

Check out Zulu Man with Some Powers Netflix trailer

Captured by Chris Nicols, the award-winning Durbanite is seen living carefree and collaborating with some of Japan’s hottest music acts, which include “JP The Wavey” and “Ricky and Yoshi”, among others. Nasty C isn’t just locked in a rapper box but considers himself an artist.

Where else to explore your creative genius than in Japan as it is the hub of art?

The coolest kid in Africa and his Japanese mates made seven songs in eight days. How dope is that?

Indeed, music is a universal language – Zulu and Japanese blend perfectly. In the documentary, Nasty C also speaks in his mother tongue Zulu to connect with his fans back at home. Of course, it would not have made sense if the Zulu Man star didn’t at least throw in a bit of Zulu language there.

Perhaps now is the time for our artist to embrace the fact that we are part of the global community. If that isn’t reflected in our culture, fashion and music then we’re excluding the rest of the world. On the album’s final track, “They Don’t”, which features T.I., both artists touch upon the perception of people of color and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Nasty C is part of the global conversations and culture, see his collab with international actor and rapper T.I

Nasty C’s future is undeniably bright, and we can’t wait for his next big move!

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14 thoughts on “Nasty C is indeed the “Zulu Man with Some Power”

  1. Nduduzo says:

    Nasty C is the next BIG thing (if not already) to hit Mzansi when it comes to Hip Hop music… He Is what
    the world has been waiting for… At his age, he will change the game big time….

  2. tsikwa23lorraine says:

    Nasty C he is a raising artist and is climbing the ladder I’m so inspired with his songs and how he does his things Im So motivated to aim high

  3. Sam says:

    Truly speaking, Nasty C is a beast and an authentic hip hop artist. His music is artistic, melodic and poetic. I am part of his fan base. Shout out to Nasty C for this incredible album and keep making us proud. #Beast #Legend #Hiphop #NastyC

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