[Newsletter] Let’s Lighten Things Up!

Happy New Month Gents!

Before we dive into our newsletter, we have a brain-picking question to ask you…

What did we use in South Africa before candles?

Think about it and let us know what you think the answer is in the comments below!

It’s no secret that we have been experiencing the worst kind of load-shedding these past few weeks. There have obviously been some negatives attached to this problem which have been widely publicised in the media as it has affected a lot of people’s lives due to having to adjust to it.

As much as we all hate the idea of load-shedding, today, we want to focus on a more positive light of it and that is having a chance to BRAAI!

We have got the best BRAAI tips that you can follow next time you have a BRAAI during lights out 😉


Slap on some marinade for extra vooma. Flavour is so important. Hot spices, lemon, herbs or even just a dash of garlic can make all the difference to the taste.

Here is an article for healthy marinades that you can use on chicken: Click Here


The generally accepted rule is to hold your hand about 10cm above the grid on your braai and then start counting slowly for each of the foods listed below:

    • 2-3 seconds for steaks and chops
    • 3-4 seconds for chicken and fish
    • 5-8 seconds for wors and bread


Tough, dry meat is very hard to eat, let alone enjoy. Even if you don’t like to see any blood in your meat it doesn’t mean you have to cremate it. Meat carries on cooking even after it has been taken off the braai so make sure you don’t overdo it when you take it off the GRID (excuse the pun).


What is a lekker braai without lekker music? Put on your best tunes and enjoy dancing and singing away while having a braai.


There are so many things you can braai like bread, mielies, vegetables and even fruit. So everyone can enjoy and have fun having a braai!

What is your favourite thing to braai, gents? Let us know in the comments section 😁

If you are wondering what the correct answer is for the question, we asked earlier the correct answer is: ELECTRICITY!

That’s it from us gents. Let us know what load-shedding tips and tricks you have been doing when you have load-shedding.

Manbox wishes you all the light for this month of August coming ahead 🙌🏾

Tips inspired by: https://www.hotelschool.co.za/latest-news/student-advice/braai-ideas-beat-load-shedding-blues/


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62 thoughts on “[Newsletter] Let’s Lighten Things Up!

  1. Tony N. says:

    The article on how to braai was eye opener for me, meaning that all these years I have doing wrong and totally messing it. Thanks to your article and from now onwards I will be doing justice to my braaing skills!!

  2. Samukelo M. says:

    I enjoyed a braai this weekend and this reminds me of what we went through to get the fire going! You never think of candles anymore hahaha because they come in handy for koashsedding!

    • Gomolemo V. says:

      Firstly let me start by thanking #ManBox for the prize that I’ve won, what a way to start of the Month. I appreciate it very much!
      These Braai tips are very helpful as some of us probably didn’t know about this…Will forward on trying them out. Thank you once again

  3. Morgan Milton N. says:

    Haha interesting article right here, it’s crazy how loadshedding has affected each and everyone of us but you know as a man, Yu gotta find a way around it. For me it’s been born-fire chills later during the day, having a young braai whenever the lights are out in the evening, making pap when lights are there and keeping it for later when fresh braai is made. It’s been about making lemonade when life gives you lemons.