The Smoother The Better With BIC Flex 2

We can all agree that when it comes to shaving, the smoother the experience is, the better!

BIC has designed shavers for men who want the best shaving experience at a fair price.

The BIC Flex 2 shavers have benefits that will ensure that you get a faster smoother shaving experience. BIC Flex 2 products have high quality flexible blade technology that adjust to the contours of your face and a pivoting head for superior closeness and manoeuvrability.

The handles have been specially designed for comfort to ensure added control as well as a larger lubricating strip which allows for more glide and smoothness.

The BIC Flex 2 shavers have a unique open blade architecture which allows you to easily rinse your blades for a faster, smoother, and efficient shave.

We have profiled and selected Manbox members that will be testing, reviewing, and showing us a faster smoother shaving journey! They should start receiving their packs throughout next week.

Be sure to lookout for the below hashtags over the next few weeks to follow the journey.

#manboxbicflex #fastersmoothershave #bicflex2

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165 thoughts on “The Smoother The Better With BIC Flex 2

  1. Jason David S. says:

    I would be really happy to test BIC Flex 2 Love a Smooth shave. I will be sure to lookout for the hashtags in the coming weeks. #manboxbicflex #fastersmoothershave #bicflex2

  2. Kevin N. says:

    I will give it a go , I use a Phillips Tri Shaver at the moment and used BIC before left them due to the inability to rinse blade properly because of design if they fixed this , lets try it out.

  3. Ashraf S. says:

    Oh yes I need that best shaving experience. I shave twice a day and go through razors like underwear. Need that smoother shaving experience #manboxbicflex #fastersmoothershave #bicflex2