The Year Is Rolling, But Just Keep Going

And just like that we have 3 months left of the year! For some of us, the year feels like it’s flying and for some of us not so much…

If you still feel like you are still trying to make sense of the year and are still trying to get into a routine, THAT’S OKAY! We believe it’s never too late and there is still time to get into the groove of the year to create a balanced life. We have outlined four tips that you can implement in your life to give you a kickstart to having a more balanced life:


Allow yourself to take some time to unwind and reflect on the past 3 months. Relaxing will allow you to recharge and have some time to clear your head without any distractions. Taking a break can be you switching off your phone for a few minutes, reading a book or even exercising. It’s really up to you but as long as you feel like you are clearing your head.


Health is wealth. Your health is bound to affect every other aspect of your life so it’s important that you make an effort to invest in your physical and mental wellbeing. You can do this by eating healthy, staying hydrated, exercising and  getting enough sleep!


Adopting a positive mindset and avoiding negativity plays an important role in protecting your inner peace and being happy. Avoid toxic people or anything that brings you down. Practice gratitude and do at least one thing every day that makes you happy.


Creating a balance is about examining what’s important and evaluating how much time and energy you will dedicate or invest in that thing. Balance is NOT about trying to cram in as many things you can fit in one day. We advise you to plan your day so that you can start prioritising what really matters to you!

Balances lifestyle tips inspired by: Forbes 

What will you be doing  to make sure you make the most of the last 3 month? Let us know in the comments below😁

Happy New Month Gents!

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7 thoughts on “The Year Is Rolling, But Just Keep Going

  1. Philani N. says:

    Need to start a journey on my health lifestyle. There are a lot of changes coming through towards the festive but hopefully me and my family we’ll be able to adjust as we are changing the province as from next year.

  2. Luke W. says:

    Yoh it really flew. I’m still getting into a routine but it’s been crazy this far.
    With my wife’s health and also the kids growing up so fast. Our eldest one is in matric this year. I truly cannot believe it. There is always something and then when you look again it’s as if life is flying by you so fast. No time for breaks or rest

  3. Marcus H. says:

    My wife and I had a conversation the other day where we realised there’s literally 90 days left before Christmas I mean where did the time fly. Weve been hustling and not keeping track of time. Rest will come when the time is right