Yes, LOVE Has Multiple Languages

Hello gents! Welcome to the new month🙌🏾

Do you know that the month of May is the month of showing LOVE and appreciation?

And no, you haven’t gone back in time, we aren’t referring to Valentine’s Day, the month of May has a special day dedicated to all mother figures in our lives.

This day is dedicated to them for us to express our love and appreciation for them.

Now, communicating or showing love is not always straightforward. This is because there are different ways people prefer to give and receive love. It is very important to understand how your loved one best receives love.

Here are the different types of love languages that are used to communicate love.


Words of affirmation are all about expressing affection through spoken words, praise, or appreciation. If this is someone’s primary love language, they enjoy hearing words of encouragement, uplifting quotes, love notes, and cute text messages.

You can make this person’s day by simply complementing them or pointing out what they do well. If this is moms primary love language, shower her with words of appreciation and love so that she is aware of how special she is.


Quality time is giving your loved one undivided attention. This means spending quality time with them with no distractions to make them feel loved. You can successfully do this by putting down the cell phone, turning off the tablet, making eye contact, and actively listening and affirming what the other person is saying.

Try to be more present with mom, give her more attention, ask her about her morning walks with her friends, and ask her about the new air fryer she has been raving about.


A person who has physical touch as a primary love language feels loved through physical affection. And this physical affection comes in the form of hugging, touching their arm, holding hands, and putting your arm on their shoulder.

When you visit mom again, give her a big, long hug, give her a shoulder massage, and hold her hand when you are talking to her to make her feel your love and appreciation.


For acts of service, a person feels loved and appreciated when someone does nice things for them. They love when people do little things for them and often can be found doing these acts of service for others.

You can do this for mom with acts such as:

  • Helping with the dishes
  • Running errands for her
  • Helping with her daily duties/chores
  • Filling up her car with fuel


Gift-giving is symbolic of love and appreciation for some people. They treasure not only the gift itself but also the time and effort the gift-giver put into it. If your mom’s love language is receiving gifts, for this Mother’s Day, please take some time in choosing a well thought gift that she will cherish forever.

All the best with navigating through the different love languages. Let us know what language you will show your mom you love her in the comments section below.

However you do it, remember to do it with LOVE.

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7 thoughts on “Yes, LOVE Has Multiple Languages

  1. qombo101 says:

    I’ve just read the article and I just recently lost my mom so is a bitter sweet celebration but I know she’s in a better place

    Showing love to our moms is a blessing cause they always build us up to be better people
    I would’ve literally bought her something cause sh loves gifts 🎁 plus she loved hugs 🤗

    Still Love and miss her dearly , may your sol keep resting in peace my queen, my strength my motivator I love you so much

  2. jsdiphoko says:

    If there is 1 thing my wife already complains about is the words of affection.. She feels I jst dnt complement her enough either on clothes or wen she has done something amazing either for me. The kids or herself. So I have been trying to work on that