Are We Really What We Consume?

What we consume always determines the lives that we live. I’m referring to the food we eat, the books we read, and the visual content we binge. Basically, at the end of the day we become what we consume.

These things form our opinions, affect our moods, and influence our behaviour.


The popular modern advice is “follow your gut” or “stay in your own lane”, is that even possible? We spend most of our time in FOMO (fear of missing out), so we stay forever “connected”. It is as if there is no real connection outside the social media realm. Google is our best friend and social media is our church, yet we are not satisfied.

Think about it bro. If you choose to read books and listen to podcasts primarily about business and productivity, your mind is going to sharpen its focus on those things. You will begin to see the world in this way and act accordingly.

But for some reason, we are less vigilant when it comes to the other influences we allow into our lives. It is wise for us to pause often and review the influences we are allowing into our mind and our body. Even our relationships outside the internet have so much impact – it’s either they serve as an inspiration or destruction.


Are you trying to start your own business?

Intentionally consume books and articles that encourage you to do so. It can be any specific line of work you want to become more successful in. Absorb as much as you can about the topic. That is how you become an expert. Those hours of learning, observing, and attempting transform you into a leader in your field.

If you are not intentional concerning the influences you allow into your life, you make the journey even more difficult for yourself. It’s exactly with the company you keep – peer pressure isn’t something only affecting teenagers. The way you speak, view the world and approach life is mostly influenced by your circle.

Digital diet shouldn’t be a shame. Taking time off isn’t selfish at all. It’s important to pause and ask yourself “how is it benefiting me?” If it doesn’t help you reach your goals, perhaps it’s time you ditch it. We’re not bashing social media or the internet entirely but making you aware of the content you consume.

Bro, what do you spend most of you time on these days?

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