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Floyd Lebatie is a Sports and Orthopedic Physiotherapist based in Johannesburg. The Jozi entrepreneur obtained his bachelor of science degree in physiotherapy from Wits University in 2010. He runs two practices and is taking initial steps to building a property portfolio. Lebatie also runs an organization called The Legacy Men that focuses on male mentorship.

How do you introduce yourself? 

I would introduce my self as a teachable, dedicated, passionate and forwarding thinking person. I apply a visionary approach in my personal and public life which allows me to grow and develop in all facets of my life.

What inspired you to become a Sports and orthopaedic physiotherapist?

During my adolescent years I participated heavily in sport. During this period it became apparent to me that I could marry both my love of sports and my desire to assist athletes in the pursuit of reaching their goals. I am blessed that my profession has delivered on my hopes.

Tell us about The Legacy Men?

The Legacy Men is an organisation with its primary objective directed towards the restoration and proliferation of men by means of mentorship and positive guidance. Our aim is to create better MEN by creating better husbands, fathers, friends and leaders through shared experiences by dynamic speakers, networking and the overall support given by our organisational leaders at our events.

Do you think any dude with a “brilliant idea” can be an entrepreneur?

Frankly speaking, no an amazing idea that lacks implementation will fail irrespective of its ingenuity. The “magic sauce” to becoming a great entrepreneur is the ability to be teachable and having the ability to learn, unlearn and re-learn key attributes in developing success within that specific business.

What wakes up every morning besides your alarm?

The pursuit of being a better man so I can serve my family and my community.

What’s your winning formula?

My winning formula lies in the fact that I do not do my best… I do whatever it takes to achieve the goal.

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What’s next for you?

My primary goal for The Legacy Men is to change lives. We would like to change a million lives with our initiative by means of having 250 000,00 men across the world joining The Legacy Men and through the positive interchange of ideas, mentorship and support.

What’s your routine to stay looking fresh?

My routine is fairly basic but for me its is imperative that in order to stay fresh you practice a healthy lifestyle by eating well, training at least four times per week and follow a strict skincare and oral hygiene routine daily.

What’s your number ONE grooming product?

A 5 blade razor is my saving grace in keeping my looking crisp.


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Is there such thing as a perfect guy?

No, I do believe that a GREAT MAN is one who constantly pursues excellence despite the knowledge that perfection cannot be attained.

If we had to put you in BOX – what would you remain as besides a Sports and orthopaedic physiotherapist?

I am a man with a burning desire to positively influence MEN across the world and change the narrative surrounding modern men and the way they serve their families.

Grand, grand, what do you think is Manbox?

I find Manbox to be a innovative and groundbreaking company in that it is the first time I have come across such brilliant tailor made male grooming solutions whilst celebrating men making a positive impact in society.

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