This Is How You Move On From Toxic Situations

Why do we tend to stay in toxic situations that no longer challenge us, nurture our talents, or help us progress to the next level? Perhaps we measure our worth by the problems we endure, as if there’s a golden ticket to be won at the end. Comfortability should never be the reason you’re stuck in an unloving relationship or unappreciated environment. Bro, the secret is to constantly check your “price tag” and adjust your crown. 

We might all act tough and unbothered, but we all want is to be heard and seen. That’s all it takes for us to trust and express who we truly are. The perks that come with the job or the security that the relationship brings become irrelevant when those things are missing. 

If you’re trapped in a situation that doesn’t make your soul dance a little, perhaps it’s time you escape to an unfamiliar territory. All the great things come to life outside of your comfort-zone. There are important questions you need to ask yourself before you take a first step to ditch a toxic environment. 

Is it serving you? 

First things first, ask yourself if whatever it is, you’re trying to move on from serves you any good. Bro, it doesn’t even matter if it’s what “pays the bills”, if it no longer brings you peace – you have a choice to drop it like it’s hot. Don’t ever confuse letting go of something that no longer serves you as quitting. Those are two different things. 

Who are you without it?

This is a difficult one. However, it’s important to try figure out who you are without your 9-5 job or your relationship. We tend to fulfil those roles even when they no longer serve us. Perhaps we’re trapped by the need to belong or we’re obsessed with the notion of settling. Bro, understanding yourself outside what you do is a true freedom. 

What if you stay a little longer? 

Well, at the end of the day the choice is yours. It’s always tempting to chill a bit until you get the respect that you deserve or the apology that you’re owed. What if it never happens? At a certain stage all you have be concerned about is your sanity above all else. 

If you’ve escaped a toxic environment, please share with us how you did it.

One thought on “This Is How You Move On From Toxic Situations

  1. mixo.baloyi says:

    I was in a toxic relationship with a narcissist, it took a while to walk away but I am glad that I finally did as it was no longer serving me any good.

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