Why Wait For An Inspiration? 

If you have to wait for an inspiration to slap you in the face or drag you out of the bed, nothing would be accomplished. We’d probably be living in a world with no innovation (imagine how weird things would be without the internet) without putting an effort. It’s literally putting one foot after the other. That’s a winning formula. 

Do you have a writer’s block or not motivated to start your new project? The only solution is press on. Yeah bro, JUST DO IT. 


Stop hoping to feel inspired. Set a schedule for your work, and stick to it. That’s what champs have in common – one has to stick to a schedule in order to create phenomenal work. Some of the world’s greatest athletes have stuck to schedules in order to break records.  

Waiting for an inspiration is a waste of time. Look at successful people they aren’t dependent on how inspired they feel in order to produce work. In many cases they instead produce work in order to feel more inspired. The quality of your work depends on the time and effort invested in it. No magic wand or ways to ditch a constant state of laziness than taking an action. 


When the inspiration strike on a random day, seize the opportunity and create. If you’re serious about creating and working on a consistent basis, you will need to get to work and forget about needing to be inspired. Instead, focus on following schedules and raising your game. 

Schedules may sound like they have the capacity to confine your creativity, but in truth, they can actually bolster it. No need to flip your life upside down, do what you can with what you have. Whether it’s over the weekend or a boring Wednesday, get some work done. The best way to improve you game is through trial and error. 

Inspiration isn’t something you should count on, but you should be able to leverage it when it happens. The key is to create more opportunities for your inspiration to be unleashed.

The key here is to focus on what you control. You have control over your techniques and routines. By improving your techniques and routines, you set yourself up for success. When you have your moments of inspiration, your skill and routines will serve you well.


Bro, what’s your routine to stay inspired? 

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15 thoughts on “Why Wait For An Inspiration? 

  1. Damon A. says:

    When covid hit I went on a social media Hiatus and it was needed for every aspect. I only watched the news to stay up to date, but the social media feeds broke my thoughts and effected the way I approach starting something new. So going on breaks to breath and staying a bit private has helped me get creative and make time, because we have so much time to do the things we love, that is my only hope for everyone, take time to breath so you can breath into your creativity.

  2. Trinos D. says:

    Our inspiration sometimes comes from within. Do not wait for external inspiration because the moment it disappears along the way then you will not progress. Inspire yourself. Let that fire that burns from within inspire you.

  3. Mthaniya S. says:

    Many at times we delay our own dreams because we procrastinate and wait for magic to happen. The key is just starting. The rest will follow. Taking that biggest step is brave and worth it.

  4. Bathabile Mbambo says:

    Profound article. Start where you are, with what you have. The key is just starting, whether it’s that degree, that side hustle, that hobby… just start.