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Simple life-changing steps to help you feel better and look awesome [Sponsored by NIVEA MEN]

Rehydrate  Not only do most of us fail to drink enough water (around 2 – 2.5 litres a day) but many of us rely on diuretics like coffee and alcohol that only increase dehydration. Without enough water, the body struggles to eliminate waste products and carry nutrients to cells, which can leave the skin looking […]

[NEW] NIVEA MEN Skin Breathe Body Lotion & Cream

Do you avoid using body lotions because of “that sticky skin feeling”? NEW NIVEA MEN has developed a breakthrough innovation that you’ll want to hear about! Trust NIVEA MEN to come through for you….   Just as tech brands introduce the latest new gadgets and updates, NIVEA MEN has developed an innovative new body lotion […]