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5 Important Lessons from 2020

2020 has been a major drag and presented some unforeseen challenges. The Covid-19 year has trapped us all in the ‘uncertainty’ cage and left us anxious about the future. For many of us, this has been an incredibly challenging and a life-changing year. Most people around the world had to deal with sudden deaths and […]

Basic rules of living within your means


Basic rules of living within your means. Bro, how’s your relationship with money? This is a touchy subject, especially during this pandemic. Growing up, some of us were instructed on the values of saving money and being responsible consumers. However, most of us are held hostage “YOLO” fever. It’s all about making financially sound decisions. […]

Payment holiday over – what now?


If you were battling to pay your debts or rent over the past few months, you may have made use of a payment holiday, which was generally granted for around three months. This grace period has ended now, so you need to start paying in full again. Yet recent research shows that many South Africans […]

When money is in short supply

manbox money

This has been a year like no other. We have to adapt all the time, as we deal with changing lockdown rules, schools opening and closing, some industries operating with severe restrictions, and certain sectors of the economy unable to operate at all. Aswell our increasing stress levels when money is in short supply. The […]