Basic rules of living within your means

Basic rules of living within your means. Bro, how’s your relationship with money? This is a touchy subject, especially during this pandemic.

Growing up, some of us were instructed on the values of saving money and being responsible consumers. However, most of us are held hostage “YOLO” fever. It’s all about making financially sound decisions.

Dude, there’s no way you can live a “Wow” life with a “LOL” budget. Of course, it would be awesome to get whatever you want whenever you wish but that’s not a reality for everyone. So, make sure you save instead of impressing the streets.

What does it really mean to live within your means? It means ticking all your monthly basics (the actual needs) and leave out anything that your ego craves for.

Even the best of us, however, tend to forget some of the best ways to exercise excellent frugality, and our bank accounts end up suffering for it.

Did you know SHARING is another golden secret of saving? Not only just money but EVERYTHING. Sharing stuff and services conserve resources and build ties with each other—but it also saves money, sometimes a lot of money.

Like choosing to stay in a communal space instead of renting solo.

As much as it sucks, if you’re in an undesirable financial corner you can cut off all the ‘cool’ monthly subscription.

Nothing makes a person poor than trying to keep up with unnecessary standards.

Do you have any tips on how you save money? Please drop your wisdom in the comments section below.

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