This Is Why DJ Sbu Is A Townships’ Favourite Hustler

DJ Sbu (Sibusiso Leope) is indeed a townships’ favourite hustler.  If you’ve ever been in any South African “kasi” (township) nothing is more important than having swag, street cred and blending in. Leope is one of the few successful entrepreneurs from kasi that has all of the above and more. Even though Sbu is no longer residing in Tembisa, his brand speaks directly for anyone from kasi. Before he made his millions in entertainment and business ventures, Sbu used to sell whatever he had access to just to elevate his game. 

Sibusiso Leope is a jack of all trades, who seems to have mastered it all: 

  • He is the executive chairman of Leadership 2020, a company that inspires young entrepreneurs. 
  • He owns beverage brand MoFaya and digital radio station Massiv Metro. 
  • He has opened homegrown Radio, another digital radio station aimed at empowering unknown talent. 
  • He has been on radio for 20 years and brought Mzansi one of the best artists such as Zahara, Brown Dash, Mzekezeke and many more. 

Of course, it takes more than talent or swag to remain relevant in the entertainment industry. Each day we’re introduced to a fresh face, a new voice and the next “big thing”. Sibusiso Leope isn’t threatened by the upcoming game-changers instead he nurtures the young talents. 

“I’ve made my mistakes, but I’ve changed more lives than mistakes. Every day is about being a better version of yourself.” – DJ Sbu

Sibusiso Leope is about nurturing, motivating and using his influence to build the next generation of hustlers. #DJSBU hashtag on Twitter is for young entrepreneurs with n marketing budget to promote their businesses and hustle on social media. 

Watch DJ Sbu’s words of wisdom to the youth of Mzansi: 

Leope is now on a journey to collaborate artists all over the African continent. Asking “how” is bit of an insult to Sbu, he’s one of the rare hustlers that knows how to win big. 

What do you dig about DJ Sbu’s hustle? 

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26 thoughts on “This Is Why DJ Sbu Is A Townships’ Favourite Hustler

  1. modikoetshepiso16 says:

    Dj Sbu is one of the most prominent business men in the country. I love the statement on one of his speeches when he say “cloths don’t make me, i make cloths look good”. This is powerful .I am inspired by the hustle of DJ Sbu,Our No.1 Knoxman owning Big Brand Mofoya . Proudly Africana Pioneer!!!

  2. Onthusitse says:

    I admire DJ Sbu a lot. He fell, but didn’t stay there. He picked himself up and soldiered on. I’m inspired by his resilience to keep pushing. Mo’Fire!

  3. sethumali says:

    Dj Sbu inspires me as a young black hustler to never give up on my dreams. Whatever door closes in front of my eyes is just an opportunity for me to hustle even harder. I hope to be like him one day. Own boss at the same time creating employment in our country and contribute to the economy. Big up grootman

  4. Khotso says:

    You inspire me to the highest degree grootman. I’m fascinated by how your mind works and how one can cultivate that thinking for all, and share the formula with the current and the future generation. In a time where everything seems impossible to reach especially for a black child, you make us see that the possibility of a greener dream. If you were the lotto, you’d be ithuba. You definitely showing us the opportunities in our dreams. No matter the background or situation. Wish we could meet one day so I can pick your brain. I’m dreaming it now so that it comes true.