Top dogs of Mzansi’s entertainment industry 

Entertainment industry isn’t all glitz and glam. The entire media world is all about the ratings, trends and relevance. Each day we are introduced to a new face, a younger and talented star — to remain on top is almost impossible. Those who maintain their star power for at least a decade are considered fortunate. No exaggeration bro, it’s the survival of the fittest not just in Hollywood, even here in Mzansi. 

We have come up with the list of game-changers that have remained relevant for decades. They all share the curious spirit and the ability to reinvent themselves. We can agree that these guys all deserve the legendary status. 

Thapelo Tekisho “ProVerb” 

ProVerb has literally stood the test of time. He burst into the scene in the late 90s and still relevant in the game. The 90s and early 2000, ProVerb dominated as a rapper, producer, songwriter and radio host. The hip-hop genre is short-lived as is the music speaks with the current culture. After five albums and many accolades, ProVerb jumped to the business side of things. He is currently the executive producer and TV host for Idols South Africa. Do you want to know what’s his secret? Get a copy of his memoir Book of Proverbs

Sbu Leope “DJ Sbu”

Sibusiso Leope, popularly known as DJ Sbu is undoubted force to be reckoned with. For decades, DJ Sbu has dominated South African television and radio. Sbu has challenged many status quos to become of the most formidable entrepreneurs of our time. Sibusiso is the bestselling author. His books ‘The Beginning’ and the second entitled ‘Billionaires Under Construction – The Mindset of An Entrepreneur’. He also the founder of MoFaya Energy Drinks and co-founder of Massiv Metro. He reportedly sold 26% stake of MoFaya for R493m to Coca-Cola. 

Zakhale Madida “Zakes Bantwin” 

Zakes Bantwini is a multi-award-winning South African singer, record producer and businessman.  Zakes isn’t just an artist, he received a diploma in Jazz and Music performance after completing his studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He also studied a Social Entrepreneurship Programme at Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria. If Zakes isn’t behind the mic, he is behind the decks serving us sauce. 

Zakes is accepted at Harvard Business School to study business of entertainment, music and sports. What’s the better plan B than education?

Thato Sikwane “DJ Fresh (Big Dawg)” 

Thato Sikwane, better known by his stage name DJ Fresh, is a Motswana radio DJ, producer and entrepreneur based in South Africa. He is most known for his career on 5FM and Metro FM. Fresh is currently a presenter on 947. During the 90s he released a series of South African house music records, mostly name Fresh House Flava. Different volumes of the compilations were released.

DJ Fresh dominated Mzansi airwaves since 90s until today. What a legend! 

Somizi Mhlongo “Somgaga”

Somizi is a son of the late acting legends in Mzansi. He was practically born in the industry and has been at it from day one. We’ve known him since the days of Sarafina – one of Mzansi’s classic movies. Is there something Somgaga has not done? At some point he released music hits, hosted the best radio and TV shows. He was the lead choreographer for numerous shows and events including the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. 

Oh man, we are convinced Somizi will stay in the game forever. 

Bro, you can’t let anyone box you when you have so much to offer. Take the space! 


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