Uncle Vinny is the “coolest” kid in Africa

Who doesn’t know Uncle Vinny?

Kabelo Vincent Ndlovu is a 19-year-old MTV Base VJ and social media sensation people can’t get enough of. He is a true Gen Z – he makes a living just by being himself, a concept that’s foreign to the past generation. 

You might be tempted to call him an “overnight success”. Don’t. All his moves are calculated. He attended the National school of the Arts, what he does now is part of the game plan. I’m sure none of us knew him while he was a presenter on Hillbrow Radio Station. It’s crazy how we are obsessed “being at a right place, at the right time” stories, this isn’t one.  

Vinny makes everyone scream “sbwl” even the older gents. What makes him cool isn’t just his signature dance moves to amapiano songs. The boy has been featured on music videos of artists like Major League DJs and Riky Rick.

Can you believe that a year ago Vinny was in matric?

He has managed to build his brand around being a good time guy and has a massive fan base. The boy is literally unstoppable. He creates event concepts and hosts these events, which leads to him meeting people who will, as the kids say, “put him on”. Apart from having dance moves that are copied by other performers – Vinny is the “godfather” of streetwear. 

Watch Uncle Vinny’s signatures dance moves

His dance moves are so popular, musicians want to collaborate with him so they reach the all-important Gen Z market.

Vinny understands the importance of being an adept user of social media and technology and isn’t afraid to go for what he wants. His TikTok channel boats more than 57 000 followers, with his content receiving more than 15 000views. 

The young star is teaching us all the power of networking and chasing after one’s dreams. I bet we all can’t wait to see what his next move will be. 

Vinny is effortlessly cool and we dig it. 


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18 thoughts on “Uncle Vinny is the “coolest” kid in Africa

  1. maphangaluthando says:

    He is the real president yama 2000 and the coolest kid in Africa keep up the good work vinny. Continue to inspire others peeps out there!!!

  2. uDez says:

    Wow I knew Uncle Vinny was young but 19 ,a whole teenager but doing this great . Making a living out of being yourself must be the nicest thing ever!No wander we Sbwl him lol. The president of the youth hahaha

  3. Nduduzo says:

    If “Taking the world by storm” was a person, that would be Uncle Vinny… It’s true when they say Dynamites come in small packages.. At such a tender age and already doing great things and being an icon to so many youngsters in Mzansi, That’s an accomplishment on it’s own. Big ups to Uncle V. 😎😎

  4. Ofentse says:

    One thing about Uncle Vinny, he will network chile. Also may I point how this is the first article that has made see him a lot differently than I did 5 minutes ago haha