How To Stay Fresh Throughout The Day?

Grooming deserves to be in your top five list of priorities each day. Imagine skipping months without exfoliating or leaving your house without flossing. As a kid, a can of whatever your folks got your from the shops probably sufficed. Now is a time where more thought needs to go into what you’re spritzing onto your armpits every day.

Finding the ‘right’ deodorant isn’t an easy task as what’s working for your mate might not for you. Men and women have this one thing in common, the fear of smelling like rotten potatoes. All body sprays are “meant” to last 24/7 but that’s not 100% true. Manbox recommends the top 5 body sprays and deodorant sticks from our shop, click here to get yours today.

TOM FORD Sole Di Postiano All Over Body Spray

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Invigorating All Over Body Spray is lightly scented with Sole di Positano, adding a new dimension and refreshingly cool way to wear Tom Ford scent. Layer over your Sole di Positano Eau de Parfum or wear it on its own.

Aramis Roll-On Deodorant

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This 24 hour roll-on antiperspirant deodorant is lightly fragranced and alcohol-free

Percy Nobleman Deodorant Stick

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Percy Nobleman’s Deodorant Stick is a naturally derived, aluminium and alcohol-free formula. Specially designed using witch hazel and aloe vera alongside Percy’s signature scent, this stick is easy to apply and will keep you feeling fresh all day.

Carolina Hererra 212 VIP Men Deodorant Spray

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This 212 VIP Men deodorant spray is an explosive cocktail of vodka with frozen mint, lime caviar and vibrant spices inspired by the vibe of the most exclusive parties.

Loreal Mens Expertise Power Protect Spray

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Don’t work up even more of a sweat worrying about your underarms with the Expertise Power Protect Deodorant by L’Oreal Men. Proven to deliver results at temperatures as high as 45 degrees Celsius, this powerful deodorant is the perfect complement to a taxing workout session

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