Content Creator Hacks

#1 | Focus on One Platform

Hack number one is to focus on one platform at a time. I see this with so people, they feel like they have to go all in and grow everywhere, all at once – and that’s just not a strategy that’s going to work. 

The more time and energy you put into one initiative, the more you’re able to unlock a social media platform’s full potential — and the more success you’ll have overall.

#2 | Do Your Research

Doing this work up front is so important. Oftentimes when we create content, it can be all about what we want to write about and what we want to say. But there has to be this balance between getting your message out there and creating content around topics that people actually care about. 

#3 | Plan Ahead

I used to plan a month in advance and now I plan up to a quarter in advance and that’s exactly the same process that I take my one-on-one clients through as well. If you plan in advance, have a solid content calendar and you take your business seriously, you will always be ahead of the game. It will save you so much time and energy rather than just posting things on the fly.

Make use of a plan here:

Weekly Content Planner

#4 | Capitalize on current trends

Take advantage of current trends and concentrate your content creations on rich and valuable posts that your prospective clients will benefit from. You could get instant traffic if you’re among the first few to write about a new development.

#5 | Ask your followers questions

Asking questions creates opportunities to get your followers sharing their thoughts and ideas on practically any topic. These user insights can help you come up with even better content in the future.

They might even help you come up with new product ideas if you ask the right questions.

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