How To Put Yourself First

“Putting yourself first isn’t selfish, it’s necessary” – DLG  

It’s challenging to quiet the chatter in your mind that says you’re doing something wrong by putting yourself first. However, self-care is super important. Whoever is against your ‘downtime’ is messing with your sanity.

Of course, self-care isn’t a term or a practice familiar to most men. As bros we constantly have to prove our manhood by protecting and providing for others.

Bro, if anything you should feel guilty when you don’t take time to prioritise yourself, because it affects how well you can take care of others. It’s normal to wrestle with feelings of guilt but you have to ditch them. Society doesn’t fully embrace the concept of ‘putting yourself first’. It perceive it as being inconsiderate or plain selfish.

Especially in such times of COVID-19, one would be crucified for preaching ‘self-care’ when the majority is in need. How dare you? Society is constantly anticipating for a ‘man-of-steel’ to save the day. The minute you start a sentence with your name, no one bothers to pay attention. It’s only when you shift the attention to the next person then you get all the attention in the world.

What about yourself? Take time for your hobbies and don’t postpone a catch up session with your mates. At first the guilt might whisper negative messages such as “you’re not a good partner” or “you’re failing as a dad”. Bro, give those negative thoughts a middle finger and put yourself first.

Trust me, when you take care of yourself will make it much more rewarding to do it for others.

Until then stay safe!

Your wingman in becoming a better man,


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