What’s Your 2018 Bang?

20-A-Team (2018) is coming to an end. Talking about the last kicks of a dying horse. Manbox is already making plans for 2019. The intention is always good – #buildingbettermen. We want you to enjoy life without being too worried about shopping aisles or what products to use your skin issue.

Did you accomplish your mission? Perhaps you’re waiting for the 48 hours to complete your memoir or create that App that might change the world. The thought of having 365 days in a year can ease the pressure for most folks.

Maybe you have had your 2018 bang already. It’s that new gig or that car that you have been saving up for two years. We all want to begin each year with a bang and end it with so more bang!

Do you want you 2018 exit bang to be grand? Get yourself Azzaro Wanted Eau De Toilette to stand out from the crowd. Maybe try Floyd Lebatie’s Manbox choice make a huge bang that’ll last you till 2019.

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