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154 days left of 2020 [August Newsletter}

Well, it’s the 1st of August and we’ve just realised there are only left with 154 days until we say ‘adios’ to 2020.

Perhaps we should have canceled this year or press the restart button? Uhm, take a step back before you entertain this notion. Time is usually the only thing that holds us hostage or makes us feel guilty for not achieving certain goals.

“If it wasn’t for Covid-19 I would have bought that ticket and went overseas” or “I would be walking the aisle with all my family and friends there to witness it”.

Well, this is our new normal now and you have a few options. It’s either you wrestle with reality or embrace it as you chose you it yourself. Living under lockdown has allowed us to unplug and reshape our priorities.

This downtime also allows us time to learn new skills and ditch old habits that no longer serve us. When you realise there are only 154 days left of 2020 do you feel like you haven’t achieved anything yet this year?

Manbox team has created a guide to help you navigate the next few months, whether you’re avoiding WFH (working from home) burnout or considering a career pivot.

Try to follow these to increase your confidence at work and in life in general:

  • Channel your fear; it’s the only way you’re going to grow
  • Focus your energy on mastering your comfort areas. When you’re comfortable, you become confident.
  • Nothing is permanent (the good and the bad) so make sure to enjoy the journey.
  • Practice gratitude ― if you take a step back and look there’s plenty to be grateful for.

If you’re still in need of some motivation then check out this article below about Vusi Thembekwayo and how he is teaching people how to go from GOOD to GREAT.

GOOD to GREAT [Vusi Thembekwayo]


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