Meet Founder & Head Designer At Moko Design House

Bobo Moko: Founder & Head Designer @mokodesignhouse |Fashion Enthusiast |Fashion Forward Entrepreneur|#presentersearchon3 |TV&Radio Host| MC

His Story

My name is Bobo Moko, A 31 year old fashion forward entrepreneur from Thembisa . I am creative, full of zest and very much a person of conviction.

I grew up a time where men were starting to take a lot of interest in how they look. As men we don’t need to stay on top of every passing trend; however it’s important for us to take interest our daily appearance. Up until now it is inspiring to see men take personal grooming so seriously. Men are generally too proud, it is amazing when men reach out for assistance with styling which I assist with.

How It Started

In 2012, I started a brand called Moko Design House, with 2 friends of mine. This trio partnership came about like any other ambitious dream and the urge to succeed in the fashion design space. We then decided to rent a room in Kaalfontein and start a business to design and make afro Politan accessories that are not accessible anywhere else but through us.

At Moko Design house we devote ourselves to provide our customers with “Beauty and Authenticity” through designing and making authentic leather footwear and accessories. And strive to be a well-recognized brand in leather accessories.

We are Unapologetic, Stylish and don’t compromise on quality.

Moko Design House Products 

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16 thoughts on “Meet Founder & Head Designer At Moko Design House

  1. samukmasango says:

    This is so true, it speaks to me as men because 2 years ago after watching my wife take so much time to look after her skin and hair. I started to join in and take better care of my skin. The confidence it brings, the happiness and general self awareness is awesome. Men taking care of themselves and their appearance is definitely a step on the right direction.

    • rehesen says:

      Amazing article, very inspiring story. Men also like to look and feel good. Your appearance says alot about you. This will definitely inspire our young men.