Mens Jacket Styles

Jackets are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. There are different types of jackets to pair with outfits, and the right one for the right outfit can bring out your look even more.

The Puffer Jacket

A great puffer means utility, sure—it’s the jacket you’ll reach for on the crappiest, bone-chilling-est days of winter. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style to wear one. Beyond the sleeping-bag-like coats of your youth, there’s a whole universe of sleek and shapely puffers out there for the taking

The Trench Coat

Given that they were originally designed to keep British army officers warm and dry in the dark, dank trenches of World War I,  these classic coats will be able to handle most anything a wet winter day in the city might throw your way.

Biker Jacket

This is an absolute timeless and versatile item that has remained a fashion staple for decades. It is the type of garment that will not go out of style, especially when choosing a classic cut. You can easily layer it up with a hoodie underneath for a more streetwear look or dress it down with a white shirt for a more classy night out. 


Nothing much changes between fashion seasons with the blazer, investment in a blazer saves much everywhere else. … Self-confidence and the blazer make a good pair.

Blue Denim 

The denim  jacket is perhaps the most recognizable piece, with a cropped look that ends around the waist, this jacket is perfect for adding a stylish edge to your casual looks without dominating the outfit. Levis made the original, but these jackets are universal now.


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