What Not to Wear on a Date

Fashion can be a minefield, and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish right from wrong in terms of style choices. This can be even more stressful when it comes to dating – dressing to impress is important.

Here are some tips on things to stay away from when wanting to make the right first impression on a potential partner.

Slogan T-Shirts
As a rule of thumb don’t wear any top with words on it, especially the one with your
favourite joke on it that you got from a tourist shop when you went overseas. You never
know how things might be misinterpreted, plus it could potentially be distracting for your
date. So please, leave the “Orgasm Donor” shirt at home.

Too Much Aftershave or Cologne
We know it’s not a fashion item, but this is an important one. We don’t want anyone
choking here! Though you may think the scent is sexy or that you’re covering up some musk
resulting from the nervous sweats, your date might be overwhelmed by the strong smell.
Subtlety is key – a spritz on your wrists or collarbones will be plenty.

Ill Fitting Clothing
You might want to skip your most comfortable hoodie or your best-loved baggy pants.
Clothes that don’t fit you properly can obscure your shape, making you look bigger or even
shorter than you are. Though it might be more comfortable, it may not give your date the
ideal first impression.

A Suit
Unless you’re going to a fancy black-tie event, there’s no need for your best four-piece.
Don’t take the term “dress to impress” quite that literally – keep it lowkey. Aiming for smart
casual is best.

Bright or Clashing Colours
Might be best not to arrive to your date looking like a set of traffic lights or the inside of an
arcade. Blinding neons tend not to be the best choice when wanting your date to look at
your face rather than have to shield their eyes! It can sometimes be hard to tell whether or
not your colour combo is too much, so if you’re not sure you can always ask a friend.

Prints on Prints on Prints
Stripes and polka dots and plaid, oh my! Your date is going to get really confused if you’ve
got too much going on in terms of printed clothing. Feel free to wear a printed shirt or
printed pants, but not both. You don’t want to be overkill.

Sporty Sneakers 
You’re not going for a jog, you’re going to dinner. Shoes this casual makes it seem like you
didn’t put much thought into your outfit. Not a great start.
Even though clothes are an important part of your image and how you present yourself,
they aren’t the be all and end all. At the end of the day, your date should be concerned with
who you are rather than your clothes. The most important thing is that you make an effort
and stay true to yourself. Follow the tips above and you’ll be looking your best!

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