3 Questions To Ask Yourself During Tough Times  

In difficult times only a few that are willing to interrogate themselves without judgement and take responsibility. It is important to ask ourselves more empowering questions when we are going through tough times. 

The usual reaction when things go south “whose fault is it?”, “why life is unfair?”, or “is it s or them?”. Real talk, such questions make the situation more difficult. When you’re in a slump, it’s extremely hard to see the positives in life. 

With that said, here are 3 questions to ask yourself in during tough times.


What can I learn from this situation? 

This is probably the last question to ask yourself when you’re in a hot mess. But that is all it takes to gain clarity. In taking time to answer it, you’ll learn something new from any situation. As soon as you get the lesson you get to move on. 

In asking this one simple question, one gains a measure of distance from the situation. You can look at my mood, everything, everyone, and all the happenings around me and find ways to relate it to your life.

How did I get here?

Anyone can ask themselves “how did I get here?” and still not willing to admit their faults. It takes brutal honesty (and bit of kindness) to get to this point. Our minds are quick to defend, blame or come up with excuses to justify our actions.

 It is important to take a step back and connect the dots – in most cases you’ll realise that YOU brought it all to yourself. 

Did I show up as myself? 

Tough times are here to teach us valuable lessons. Imagine losing yourself over a temporary situation. It’s OK to miss an opportunity or being misunderstood – as long you’re true to yourself. When tough times knock at your door ask yourself “did I show up as myself?” – not compromising yourself will help you to take the lesson with no regrets. 


What are the lessons you are learning during these tough times? 

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24 thoughts on “3 Questions To Ask Yourself During Tough Times  

  1. ntokozomthiyane29 says:

    At first I found it hard to accept things when I am going through a tough time. Ended up losing myself over temporary situations. After this article I have given myself a task to do a self introspection and find a way to deal with my problems

  2. Xolisani says:

    This is really so profound and empowering. And we as humans, we always wanna hang other people on fire but we never wanna hang out selves on fire. We always wanna shift the blame to other people, we are failing to confront ourselves at some point. However the above article really really really informative…BRAVO!,🙌👍👍👍

    • Nduduzo says:

      Very deep, profound and difficult questions that we have to face when we are delt cards in a tough game. I think another one that should follow is ” How do I prevent this from happening again?”

      This article was mind opening… Very interesting and insightful 🤞🏽😎