Thousands of People Rise Up to Rebuild After Looting

The protests and riots following Zuma’s imprisonment have left hundreds of shops across the nation in disarray and killed 72 people. These tragic events have created so much fear and unrest over the past few days, but there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

A volunteer group called RebuildSA, which was founded by Emelda Masango only this Tuesday, has attracted more than 40000 members. These thousands of individuals are willing to clean up our malls, donate money and transport food over Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

“I didn’t expect this small act of kindness to reach so many people. I am proud and overwhelmed”, says Masango. She is “excited to see that so many people care about South Africa”, and so are we.

People have been unable to work or shop for basic supplies due to the lootings, with some queues for shops in KZN being 3 kilometres long and having people wait for over 8 hours. These good samaritans are working hard out of the kindness of their own hearts to remedy an event that has hit our nation so hard.

Beyond just cleaning up the mess that the lootings have created, food drives have been established to help communities in need. Without these efforts they would be unable to access the basic necessities required for living, including essential protective equipment to keep them safe at a time where their security is compromised.

Unfortunately, the many road closure that have resulted from the protest make it nearly impossible to transport these supplies. Prenessan Naidoo, a volunteer from the group, got in contact with an airline that is willing to help with transport from Gauteng to KZN.

Businesses are able to register from support from RebuildSA, and they have just under 100 registrations already. They are also offering mental health support and trauma counselling for those who have been affected, something that is often overlooked during periods of national crisis.

During times like these it’s easy to lose faith in those around us, and even in our nation. Projects like RebuildSA just go to show that there is so much love and light to be offered by the citizens of South Africa.

It is incredible to see so many people in such a short space of time band together to care for one another and rebuild what has been lost and affected the lives of so many.

Please take care of yourself and remember to stay safe!

If you’d like to get involved with the initiative, visit their Facebook page at  

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5 thoughts on “Thousands of People Rise Up to Rebuild After Looting

  1. Ntobeko says:

    This is such a great initiative, I was also part of a cleaning drive in my community to try & get some normalcy after the looting. It’s really great that despite the chaos communities can still stand together & rebuild their cities.

  2. kksovara says:

    Very informative article. People need to start thinking before acting. This looting was no longer about zuma anymore, it showed that the people of our country are hungry .

  3. samukmasango says:

    Absolutely moved by this initiative, what I like about it as well is that people get to see that working together can do wonders for this country. We dont need any more recial segregration or tensions. Enough is enough!