4 Things That Men Don’t Like To Admit

Men are quick to confess how rich, strong, and capable they are. In fact, most men would sooner rather choose death than being perceived as weak.

Calling it a “man thing” is just a lazy way of describing this toxic condition. For young boys, it’s almost impossible to escape the unreasonable expectations that come with being a ‘male’.

Look at the meant-to-be-motivational kind of talks such as “man up”, “take it like a man” or “boys don’t cry” and many more that society perceives as OK.

Men, don’t we wish these phrases didn’t carry so much weight?

Agree or disagree, but there are a couple of things that men wouldn’t admit to anyone including their partners or mates. That’s just how men have been wired.

Below we’ve come up with a list of 4 things, we think, that men don’t like to admit even on a sunny day. It might seem like a list of stereotypes, but these are universal issues men deal with, in our opinion:

1. “I’m broke”

This is a touchy subject for most guys. Probably the only time you’d hear this confession would come in a form of a joke. For a dude to utter the words “I’m broke” out loud is like compromising his manhood. Unfortunately, society is also not kind to a man who doesn’t have gaup. In fact, most men feel invisible or powerless without money in the bank.

2. “I need help”

Whoever told men that asking for help is unappealing should pay more tax. Really, what’s the logic there? The reason men don’t ask for help is because of the judgment they believe they will experience if they do. Society expects men to be all-powerful and know-it-all. Ask any dude how is he doing the response would be “all good” – can it really be all good? Unfortunately, most guys prefer putting a brave face and die inside.

3. “It didn’t work out, but I still love her”

After a breakup, some men act as nothing happened. They pretend to a point where it’s even awkward to ask if they’re OK. It’s as if after the pictures have been removed (or archived) on social media the feelings will magically disappear. The chances of you hearing this line “it didn’t work out, but I still love her” are super slim – unless the dude had too much drink. For a guy to discuss his feelings is like disrespecting the ‘imaginary’ guy code.

4. “I’m sorry”

For some men, apologising is like denying their manhood. In some cultures, apologising as a man is considered as an insult. Some guys would prefer to do almost anything to avoid saying “I’m sorry”. In his mind, apologising and admitting he is wrong is the worst form of ‘punishment’. On the other hand, for most men to hear the words “I’m sorry” being said to them is like being given permission to be aggressive.

There are zillion issues that are caused by men’s upbringing and other factors. The good news is men are slowly unlearning these toxic ways of thinking and doing.

Bro, turning a blind eye to such things is not part of the solution.

Most men are ditching the imaginary guy code and making it normal to feel and talk without violence. We all want a society that encourages men and women to show up and be their true selves.

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19 thoughts on “4 Things That Men Don’t Like To Admit

  1. sefefe3000 says:

    I agree bcs to say I’m sorry when I made mistake,it shows that I’m apologizing.I always learned many tings in life that men must have plan b in order to make life easly. Thanks

  2. Bradley says:

    it’s hard to break a doctrination set forth by the previous generation. you were drilled to believe that “real” men kept it inside and powered through. Asking help is a sign of weakness etc etc etc.
    i have done my best to teach my sons that asking for help is not a weakness but a strength.
    more and more do we need to teach our sons that its ok to be broken, its ok to ask for help and above all when it gets too much speak to a friend,doctor and even your father and at no point is bashing a women even an option.

  3. Hlogi_L says:

    This can never be further from the truth. Society has groomed us in a way that we always have to show up a cover of a brave face or rather of masculinity, and by all means avoiding showing any signs of weakness. We were wired in a way that it’s almost as if feelings and emotions are not a man thing. These are just but four traits out of a zillion more that are there and men don’t want to talk about.

    “We’d rather die inside than to speak out”

  4. @durbanstar says:

    The problem with society is it’s pragmatic approach to gender based roles and the expectations of a man. Which begs the question, what is the essence of a modern man?

    The inter-cultural status quo present in South Africa acts as a yardstick to the respective experiences of our men. I hope that guys realise that admitting they need help is NOT a sign of weakness but rather a sign of valour

  5. nhxaba says:

    this is great and true. Also i have found that being reasonable is also something unheard off, men may feel threatened or weak if they have to be reasonable. Often that means being willing to yield.
    people may have different tastes or preferences in music. One may prefer classical music, the other popular; the one may prefer it soft, the other loud. Surely there are overlapping areas that will please everyone. Being reasonable would indicate alternating arrangements to keep everyone entertained to a degree especially in relationships.
    Reasonableness would also seem to indicate that generally mere preferences should yield to more practical considerations.

  6. jdoravaloo5 says:

    This couldn’t be more true and it’s because we feel there’s a need to always show masculinity and the strong ones which eventually leads to bigger issues especially with mental illness or wellness.

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