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Time for change [Giveaway]

September is the start of a new season, Spring. It marks the change in something and brings new life, change.

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new” – Socrates

This month we want to encourage you to focus on you. Working on you and believing in you. Set your goals and do something every day to work towards them.

We found this incredibly motivating video below about how things can change when you believe in yourself.

“You have to be relentless. you have to never stop, never quit, never allow anyone to talk you out of the dream. You don’t need anybody to understand your dream and goals. You don’t need anybody to approve of you. If you get that encouragement that’s great, but I say stand up within yourself boldly and say this is my life I’m controlling my destiny.”


We’re giving one Manbox member the chance to WIN a fragrance of their choice. A new scent and the first step on your new journey of change.

You can enter as many times as you like until midnight on the 15th of September 2020.

Once confirmed – we will purchase the exact fragrance in the comment entry then contact the winning Manbox winner to confirm the delivery address.

To enter simply comment below and tell us what changes you are going to make towards the dreams and goals and life you want to live, and also the full name of the fragrance you would select if you win.

Good luck guys and see further below for full competition T&C.

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We want to leave you with this quote below – something to remember.

Have a great month ahead,




(Competition T&C: This competition is only open to Manbox members with a profile. To enter you need to comment on this article with the fragrance of your choice as well as the changes you will make to reach towards your goals and dreams. The prize can not be exchanged for cash, nor can it be changed once you have entered with the comment. The winner needs to have a valid delivery address in order for our couriers to deliver the prize. You can enter as many times as you like. Competition ends at midnight on the 15th of September 2020. The winner will be selected and the entry validated before being contacted on the 16th of September 2020.)

27 thoughts on “Time for change [Giveaway]

  1. moyafarid21 says:

    Want to start Gyming ,Living a better lifestyle .Exercsing more and eating healthy ,Also learn to stress less and relax more ,,I’m choosing Paco Rabanne ‘Paco ‘

  2. ashrafsasman75 says:

    I’ve set a few goals for myself. No more looking back but concentrating on what lies ahead for me. I intend to stay focused, positive and confident.

    • Chris says:

      I have set new goals by saving and i would love to purchase a car , I am being postive setting training routine and keeping my mind and body healthy and sharp , living the moment with no regrets and always moving forward with stride and effort would love to win September Birthday Fragrance – l choose is Dunhill London

  3. Kailash says:

    I have already claimed the next 4 months as months of prosperity and success. In order to achieve more in my life, i am adapting the lifestyle habits of those that are already successful in the space I want to get into. Time is our greatest asset and therefor if I am doing what’s important and not what’s urgent, by adapting this mindset I’ll always be ahead of the game. I am prioritizing working with the end in mind and becoming more proactive. These are the 3 main habits of highly successful people. In order to open up successful companies and be a successful ceo, these are the habits I am manifesting into my life.

    Therefor I have chosen the fragrance
    Tom Ford Black-Orchid eau-de-parfum spray

  4. lakheloyd says:

    September for me is a huge blessing because on the 20th it’s my mom’s birthday that’s why this month is very special to me and it’s a month to refresh and dust yourself up and soldier on even though we are facing a Pandemic.
    This month is just a month for me personally to freshen up and conquer.
    I would love to win the Nivea “DEEP IMPACT FRAGRANCE AND LOTIONS”

  5. trf11racing says:

    Invest yourself in being the person you see at the end of the tunnel. Manifest all that is the perfect you! Adapt to the CHANGES, don’t let it change you. Persistence moves mountains and I will move mine, and you too will move yours. Go out there and make a difference not only for yourself, but take others with you help them also change and adapt so we can all prosper.

    Mont Blanc Emblem.

    • joshuarobertbranch says:

      First things first ! Make sure you know your true self before deciding on goals and dreams ! For things you don’t yet know may keep you from achieving what you have in mind. I constantly evaluate my dreams and goals and rate them on importance or urgency.. for a goal without a deadline has no or very slow progress . Those around you help you achieve your goals and dreams as well therefore ensuring they have a healthy and positive mindset is a priority !

      The fragrance -Calvin Klein Man!

    • japie2106 says:

      This year has been challenging for all of us. Two weeks before the national lockdown was announced, I had just stated a new job at a bank. Every morning I woke with the fear of being retrenched as many companies were doing that. It was really hard for me to dream.

      Six months later; number of Covid new cases have dropped, we have high recovery rate, and still employed and at verge of being promoted. We can certainly say with confidence and smiles on our faces “Spring has Sprung”.

      Working on my attitude with regards to what I intend to become first for myself, secondly for my family and my immediate community; has been the best decision ever. Every day I remind myself of the potential I possess to become everything I want in life, I affirm myself and challenge myself to acquire information about the position I want to eventually be promoted to.

      Creed Aventus. Here’s another dream I’m not afraid to see come to fulfillment 😁

  6. supmond03 says:

    I intend on being smart about my goals and being specific about the time frame. I very realistic about my capabilities and strengths so I set standards I can live up to. Never put myself down when things don’t go my way but work even harder in making them work. Therefore I would like to win jean Paul Gaultire for him or Hugo boss..

  7. Philani says:

    Living a balanced life have always be my dream, i am currently in the IT space and i am in a process of starting my own security company. I want to leave legacy for my family, they need to know that having one source of income is not enough.I don’t want much in life but all i need is having a place called home, my money need to work for me not other way around and my children to get the education they deserve, that’s what keep me going for now.Should i be selected i would like to win “Icon Absolute Eau de Parfum”

  8. Maldwin says:

    September is the start of something new for me. Since lockdown started the walls started to encroach on me and become ever smaller, my life now contained in four walls. However, now with the Spring in the air and sun shining brightly today is when I am looking at things in a new light. A new me, a new home, a new scent, a new look to drive the change I want. This is what September brings for me

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