Halfway There 🙌🏾

First, guess what day it is 👀

We are halfway into the week and halfway into the year!

Yes! Can you believe it? We are halfway through 2022. The time where we feel like holidays are distant and time for rest is nowhere near site.

Right now, some people are feeling less motivated because let’s face it, you know how it goes…we celebrate New Year’s with fireworks and champaign and once that is all done, we are ready to tackle all our goals and resolutions. BUT, 6 months down the line, our motivation seems to have faded and that is completely normal but there are ways to make you get that motivation back.

Here are some:


Ask yourself: Why do you want to achieve your goals? What are you trying to build for the future? You can even make a vision board to help you visually see this.

Maybe you want to land a new job, maybe you want to get better grades at school, maybe you want to go on a luxurious trip somewhere. Whatever the dream is, make sure it’s clear. Because sometimes remembering WHY you started is enough to get you inspired and fired up again.


Once you have your vision clear, it’s time to relook the steps you need to take to reach your goals and dreams. As the saying goes gents, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

Revisit the goals you set yourself at the start of the year and access them in great detail. Keep asking yourself, which of your goals have you ticked off and which are still on the list?

If you have a lot of goals that are still to be met, find out WHY they haven’t been met. Is it because you were not realistic enough? Were they too broad? Is there another way you can achieve that goal?

You must also make sure to constantly check up on your progress of achieving your goals so that you can stay on track and are able to make adjustments along the way rather than realising at the next New Year’s party that you are behind on your goals.


Sometimes we experience a mid-year slump because we haven’t taken a moment to see how far we have come and the progress that we have made compared to when we started.

If you’re always racing to achieve your goals and miss the journey of achieving your goals them, you will probably never be satisfied with where you are at.

It’s important to acknowledge your hard work and your achievements. This can be done through celebrating with friends, treating yourself to a spa day or simply taking the afternoon off.

So, take the time to celebrate YOU and your small or big wins. You deserve it ❤️🙌🏾

Let us know in the comments what goals you have achieved that you are so proud of. Whether its big or small, IT MATTERS 🙌🏾

Article inspired by: https://thecircleplanner.com/blogs/the-blog/how-to-stay-inspired-during-the-mid-year-slump



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78 thoughts on “Halfway There 🙌🏾

  1. kgarimetsaofentse94 says:

    Information is done and verified. This article is so insightful because it renewes the inner us that in some of other people tend to die slowly, meaning motivation and hope are totally lost. Remember your goals and why those goals, what can inspire and drive you to achieve those particular goals and get your vision clear. Check your progress consistently about your goals and put on a plan on how to achieve them. Lastly, celebrating our achievements whether small or big, can bring about motivation in our lives.
    I have achieved to enroll in to a higher institution this year even though I had lost all the motivation and hope.
    Thanks @MANBOX for the insightful article. “WE CAN DO THIS!!!”

  2. mokoenafam3 says:

    Thank you so, so much Manbox for everything. Your articles are always informative, the products that you send for us to test end up being on our shopping list on a monthly basis because of how great they are, so in short you are really helping in everyway possible. Thank you again!

  3. ncanyane14 says:

    Everything is done and confirmed. 🤗Thank you #Manbox for everything that you are assisting us with and for your teachings via newsletter, products infor and exposure. You are doing a great job indeed 👌👌👌

    • reginapillay67 says:

      I have updated my profile and my address,and I am subscribed to recieve newsletters, I will be happy to win this competition ,Man Box is the best in keeping my spirits high .