Size Doesn’t Matter, Right?👀

What’s your tool size? I’m pretty sure in 1902 nobody would have dared to ask this question. It was considered obnoxious and taboo to ask such personal things. In 2022 that topic isn’t hot at all. It’s the fourth less-asked question (don’t quote me) in the entire world. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. Women confirmed that if the tool is functioning properly then Hakuna Matata!

Okay let’s be serious, men tend to neglect taking care of the tool until something happens. So we have come up with 3 basic tips to keep it clean so that no problems arise (excuse the pun).

Moisturise: Your skin down there needs to be moisturised. Overwashing it with your usual soap can cause irritation, especially if you’re uncircumcised; since that means you have a mucus membrane on the head of your tool that’s extra sensitive.

Warm Water: We have all heard this one before from our Minister of Health. Um… no it was from our previous President JZ. The “shower tip” was spot on but used in the wrong context. Poor hygiene can increase the risk of getting infections so hot water may not wash viruses away, but it will certainly kill most of the germs.

Shave: If you’re insecure about your tool size, I bet you’ll be happy to hear this one. Apparently, without the bush down there, the tool actually pops out and looks a little bit bigger. Jokes aside, to avoid itching and bad odour; especially now in summer days, shaving would be your best option.

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50 thoughts on “Size Doesn’t Matter, Right?👀

  1. Kyle N. says:

    It is also good to not wear clothing that is too tight around that area. It needs to breathe too. Good quality comfortable underwear doesn’t hurt either. And, size definitely matters lol.