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Size Doesn’t Matter, Right?👀

What’s your tool size? I’m pretty sure in 1902 nobody would have dared to ask this question. It was considered obnoxious and taboo to ask such personal things. In 2022 that topic isn’t hot at all. It’s the fourth less-asked question (don’t quote me) in the entire world. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. Women confirmed that […]

Why Sitting and Peeing is a Game-Changer for Men: Embracing the Lazy Pee Revolution!

We’re about to dive into a topic that might raise a few eyebrows but stick with us because we’re here to talk about an undeniable game-changer in the world of peeing. That’s right, guys, we’re talking about the benefits of sitting and peeing instead of standing. Before you roll your eyes and dismiss this as […]

High Protein Ingredients

When it comes to refuelling your body, protein is the word on everyone’s lips. This macronutrient is comprised of amino acids which act as chemical building blocks in your body, working hard to build and repair your muscles and bones. When you workout you’re essentially creating small tears in your muscles. Protein is so highly […]

6 Delicious Post-Gym Shakes to Help Build Muscle

You can push as hard as you like in the gym, but if you’re not feeding your muscles after your workout then progress will be slow. These 6 shakes are not only designed to help you refuel in a way that’s optimised for muscle growth, but they’re so tasty that you’ll be rushing through your […]

5 Local Fitness Fanatics Smashing Goals for 2021

A six-pack abs and bulging biceps are nice exercise rewards, however it is vital to stay fit to better your overall health. The benefits are more than skin-deep because being physically fit will help you live longer, lower your risk of certain diseases and improve your quality of life.  Here is a sneak peak into […]