Are You Wearing Pants In The relationship?

Bro, who is calling the shots in your relationship? Imagine asking for permission to go out with your mates or not having a say in your finances. No one deserves to be trapped in a toxic relationship.

Not sure if you’re wearing the pants or not? Let me break it down for you my china, the person who makes most of the decisions in the relationship is WEARING THE PANTS. Perhaps you don’t mind your bae ‘handling’ things in your  household. That doesn’t mean you’re less of a man.

But we all want to be seen and heard by our partners.

What’s a trademark of a healthy relationship?

There’s a balance of power, meaning one person doesn’t have total control of the relationship; rather both partners are able to contribute their opinions, thoughts, and feeling equally.

If one of your common goals is to lead a happy, fulfilling love life, learning to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics is a winning formula.

So how can you tell if your relationship dynamic needs work or you’re not wearing the pants? Here are THREE signs you should look for — if any of these sounds familiar, it might be time to examine the relationship closely. Have an honest conversation with your partner.


#1 You Don’t Control Your Money

Bro, even if you’re dating an Accountant that doesn’t mean you can’t have a say in your finances. Of course, she might be really good with money but you also have a right to manage some of it. Imagine begging for cash whenever you need something.

We all have a different relationship with money. Some of us wants to save at least half of our earnings and others impulsively spends it all at once.

This is an important conversation you can’t keep on dismissing. If one person is in charge of the finances, at least you should have a say.


#2 You Need Permission To Live Your Life 

My guy, I know you really dig your partner but that doesn’t mean you’ll postpone your goals for her. Yeah, she’s funny and fascinating but she can’t be your everything — you need to connect with other people in your life who touch your soul differently. It takes maturity to get that.

It’s OK to have your own life outside your relationship. There’s nothing wrong asking for an advice to your best friend.


#3 Your Dreams Matter too 

An unhealthy relationship is about ‘Me and I’ and it’s never about ‘you or us’. Bro, you doing a great job by supporting your partner to accomplish her dreams. Do you know your dreams matters too?

It’s important to do you sometimes. There’s nothing wrong if you dig something she doesn’t. Chase your dreams!


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