Feeling More Tired During Lockdown

Are you hitting the pillow before the usual bed time?

Most people feel more exhausted than before. The COVID-19 has made almost all of us feeling like zombies. I thought it’s the less productive or unemployed people that would perceive this lockdown as an official holiday.

Many are wondering how this can be when we are all doing less. A lot of this comes down to change of routines, confined in one space and anxiety from the general COVID-19 updates. Most of us have a tough time assimilating to the new way of living.

Bro, if you constantly feeding your head with questions like “what if doesn’t end?” or “if lockdown gets extended again, we’re all doomed”. Of course, these are valid concerns but they’ll take you to a dark and depressive state.

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Manbox crew came up with best tips on how to re-charge your batteries and come on the other side of lockdown a better man.


#1 Plan for each day

If the plan is to just chill and binge movies on Netflix then you definitely going to feel tired. Bro, if you plan for each day you’ll feel like you’re on top of your game. There’s nothing that’s more satisfactory than ticking off your priorities.

If you stumbled on this article, you’re on the right path, bro!


#2 Create healthy routines

The lockdown isn’t the same as jail time so don’t treat it like one. Bro, the aim is to come out on the other side healthier, wiser and connected to yourself.

I bet you have heard the saying before “we’re what we eat”. That’s a fact, bro! This is the right time to start eating healthy and take care of yourself.

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#3 It’s OK to ignore the news 

Of course, it’s important to stay on the loop with the current affairs. However, if the news leave you feeling depressed, why don’t shift your attention to positive news.

Spice up things a little, listen to uplifting podcasts, keep fit and enjoy the music for the soul

Reading negative news will make you feel more anxious and tired all the time. Take a break, the world isn’t going to end.


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Until then stay safe!

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