Being A Man In The #MeeToo Era

What does it feel being a man in the era of #MeeToo, #AmINext or #TimesUp? As young men it’s overwhelming to witness men in power being brought into their knees by the “cancel culture”. According to, “cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (cancelling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive.”

We’ve seen recently the Hollywood giants such as Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose and Bill Cosby fall by the power #MeToo movement. The idea of being a man in the 21st century is bit vague. Nobody teaches boys to be men. The journey to manhood is a mystery – might as well call it a path to nowhere.

It’s quite tricky as men to voice an opinion in this era without being reminded that “it’s not your place or you haven’t owned the right.” As if men need permission to share their thoughts in matters that concerns women – maybe we do. One of the unspoken rules is:  speak out but know when it’s time to ‘shush’.

The unfair privileges of being born male are under scrutiny. Of course, we all lust for change and dream of a real equal society. But we’re products of our fathers, a generation of breadwinners and non-negotiators of power. This new era is for men who are flexible, tolerant and comfortable being led particularly by women.

Young men find themselves in an awkward position. Who will lead the way? Unfortunately, this era isn’t kind to neutral men – one must pick a side or be labelled as a culprit. The mum and nonaligned men have no place in the society. It’s no longer about us and them – both men and women are expected to find a common ground. The days of claiming the “head of the house” title is fading out. Don’t be shocked to find some men in the kitchen and women behind the desk making decisions.

The #MeeToo movement doesn’t exist to demote powerful men but an end to an era of entitlement and toxic masculinity. This is an era not to be ‘survived’ by men but to be embraced. Somehow it feels like men are given an opportunity to rebrand and position themselves in society.

There’s an urgency for men do constantly define themselves outside the ‘man-box’ – to discover a new way of being a man without violence and ego. As young men, it’s in our hands to bring about positive change to the world. It’s time to divorce anything that tarnish the image of better men.

Bro, what are you doing to define what it means to be a ‘better man’?

19 thoughts on “Being A Man In The #MeeToo Era

  1. Malumroks says:

    It’s true yes but it’s only also through us as bros and gents to fix things. We are the overall fixers and if we continue to have talks about who is wrong or right then that’s how it will always be, so full of blame. Have the knowledge, share the knowledge and help these women feel safe. We are the oppressors so let’s be better and that’s only through all of us as guys being able to fix things in entirety, together without name calling or finger pointing. Just be better and protect women.

  2. muthadulimuenda says:

    The truth is most boys at a younger age are not taught the right way to teeat a woman and some grew up in a household full of violence were the father abuses the wife. Im not justifying or defending those who abused women. All I’m saying is counseling must be given to that man when he’s behind bars so that when he comes out he doesn’t do it again.

  3. allienkahloleng says:

    As men, we must get off high horses and teach the young ones that money is not everything in life. The most powerful weapon is knowing what is human and treat them with respect and humanity in total. It takes sense of humor to make someone a real man, not wealth. 🤞🤞🤞

  4. Virolen says:

    Better men, better future we need to grow and empower and speak up for change that allows us to be brave and ourselves. On order to change we can’t just say #MeToo after all actions speak louder then words

  5. siyandamwelase says:

    Honestly there is so much going on in this era, being a better man is for me being your self, being you cannot be defined by another great person or a mentor, being a better version of myself.

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