Here’s what you need to know about Happiness Ever After

Happiness Ever After is a sequel to the 2016 romantic comedy Happiness is a Four-Letter Word based on the novel by Noziziwe Cythia Jele. The film is directed by the award-winning director, written by the talented Ayanda Halimana and produced by Bongiwe Selane. 

The sequel is now streaming on Netflix in 190 countries. Even if you’re not a romantic dramedy (drama and comedy) fan, but you’ll appreciate the creativity and quality of this film. Aren’t we tired of the same old storyline about crime and violence? 

Happiness Ever After is about ambitious women trying to balance their family life, careers and trying not lose who they are. It’s a reality that we hardly see on big screens – the norm is seeing women as victims or made to appear as if they are made of steel. 

In a country where GBV (Gender Based Violence) is a pandemic, men need to be exposed about what women go through to “keep it all together”. It’s interesting to see women of colour not playing strong yet vulnerable characters. The “mbokodo” (comparing woman to a rock) stereotype is encouraging women to stay in abusive and toxic relationships. 


The film is set in some of the most beautiful and lavish locations in Jozi and features original and new cast members. Fan favourites Khanyi Mbau, Renate Stuurman, and Richard Lukunku reprised their roles as Zaza, Princess and Leo respectively. 

They were joined by new cast members Nambitha Ben-Mazwi, Yonda Thomas, Daniel Effiong and Loyiso MacDonald, who bring another layer of intrigue for fans who have come to love the Happiness storyline.

The film isn’t bashing men and showing women as naïve victims. But it shows the scars that a deadbeat baby daddy can cause on this family and depicts the pain of a controlling husband in the name of “love” can ruin a marriage. Both men are nice guys, relatable but not perfect (like all of us) I guess sometimes one has to look in the mirror instead of pointing fingers. 

Have you watched the film on Netflix yet? If yes let us know what are your thoughts. 

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16 thoughts on “Here’s what you need to know about Happiness Ever After

  1. Anita Neo Chauke says:

    I watched this just yesterday after seeing its trailer. As men we need to understand the emotional side of women. This narrative about women being imbokodo and strong must come to an end. It is the reason why women get abused and are expected to be strong. That is not fair. Women are as soft as wool and as men let us treat them with respect and love.

  2. Siphathi says:

    I watched it after reading about it here and it is really worth it. Change has to start with us men and let us train our sons too. Women deserve to be respected. This mbokodo narrative makes women stay in toxic relationships.