Sabelo Speaks Seltzer – Vawter Hard Seltzer Testimonial

Ideal if you are seeking an alternative light alcoholic beverage that offers all the Sunday-Funday with none of the Blue Monday. Hard Seltzer offers a unique, easy-drinking alternative to ‘lite’ beers.

Light, but with a bite. Vawter Hard Seltzer embodies ‘Hard Seltzer-Light Living’ that allows you the opportunity to balance fun times with responsible choices through the following benefits:

  • Low in sugar
  • Low in alcohol content (3.5% Alc)
  • Only 29 Calories per 100ml

Watch to see what Sabelo had to say when we asked him how he felt about the all-new Vawter Hard Seltzer.

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10 thoughts on “Sabelo Speaks Seltzer – Vawter Hard Seltzer Testimonial

  1. Phathomhle says:

    Sabelo said it very well. This is my new go to energy drink. Tastes fruity and literally melts in your mouth. I love the fact that it is low on sugar and alcohol. That was very considerate of the manufacturer.

  2. mgwililusanda says:

    Vawter Seltzer is my go to drink after a long day at work. I love how it tastes crispy and has low sugar. That was really considerate to reduce sugar. The low alcohol content means no hangover.

  3. Anita Neo Chauke says:

    I fell in love with Vawter Water because of its crispy and fruity taste. The fact that it has low sugar and low alcohol makes it stand out even more. I always feel energized after drinking it.

  4. Bongani Motshoane says:

    I Had My Doubts With Vawter. Until I tasted it for the 1st time, my tongue tasted absolute bliss. I immediately turned around and bought 3 more.