Is working From Home For Everyone?

COVID-19 has forced most of us to work remotely. The reality, of course, is not enjoyable. However, working from home is better than overcrowded trains or traffic jams. Imagine if working remotely could be our new reality? Well, most companies are considering it. The entire world is enforced to adjust to new ways of working and living.

For people who never had the privilege of working from this could be a stressful time. None of us anticipated doing conference calls in PJ’s or doing the 8-5 in bed. Bro, you’re not alone. This new chapter requires discipline and new communication skills. Let’s break it down for you, my china.


#1 Don’t work from your bed 

If you’re chasing a deadline or working on an important proposal ― stay away from your bed!

As comfortable as it is, no productivity will come out it. Seriously, nothing can be done under the blankets. I’m not suggesting that it can’t be done. However, if you have a working station at home, it’s easy to get your brain into the ‘work mode’.

In bed it’s easy to keep postponing work or falls asleep. Of course, naps are important but I’d recommend mini breaks.


#2 Plan your day 

Nothing will be accomplished if you only wait until your inbox is flooding with emails. Nothing beats preparation!

Of course, there are perks from working from home, like watching an entire 30 minutes video on YouTube without feeling guilty. However, the quality of your work will show how well organised you are.

This time requires a little bit of creativity and discipline.


#3 Communication is key 

Perhaps you never had to do Skype calls or explain things via emails before. The current situation demands ‘digital communication’ etiquette.

It’s hard to create in isolation. The only way to collaborate is through digital platforms ― make sure you’re not wasting anyone’s time. It’s quite important to stay in touch at all times as it is the only way your colleagues can feel your presence.

This time requires a little bit of an effort. Pick a phone and make a call to get things done.

Today is Day 41 of national lockdown. How’s it like working from home thus far?

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Until then stay safe!

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