Relationships: It’s Not That Complicated

People are complicated, relationships are not. Meaning something to someone, provides us with a sense of belonging. It is in our DNA to connect on a deeper level – why do we struggle to get it ‘right’ in our relationships?

The days of using social media as a scapegoat are over. We can’t blame the romantic comedies either.

As much as we’re progressing and advancing our lives as humans ― when it comes to the matters of the heart we are stuck on the same page. I bet you’re wondering what page is it. Be patient bro, we’ll get there soon.

Are you the type of guy that prefers several dates before making it official? Or you want to “test drive” before committing?

Of course, my guy, there’s no formula to love. However, the foundation of your relationship will determine the ending. It all depends on the person. Perhaps some people have forgotten the basics:


#1 The magic words  

Bro, never let your ego stand in your way. It’s OK to disagree or be completely wrong. The need to be constantly ‘right’ is probably the reason you’re not dating. These magic words: I’m sorry, please and thank you will keep the peace and make you a certified gentleman.

The good news is, you don’t lose anything from uttering these words. Bro, add these words in your vocab and enjoy the ride!


#2 Understand your love language

Dude, imagine being in a relationship with someone that constantly complains. It’s a nightmare that I don’t wish for anyone. The trick is to focus on the good side. We all have one. The more you highlight and appreciate the good things ― the little imperfections just disappear along the way.

It’s important to communicate your feelings clearly. Isn’t it the greatest feeling when the other person just ‘gets you’? That doesn’t just happen. It’s no random act. It begins by one not hiding any cards.

Bro, this dating thing doesn’t need a ‘starring’. Love is about serving each other. Understand her love language as well.


#3 Set boundaries

This is the part that makes a lot of people to roll their eyes (I hope you’re not doing it now) because the majority of us are lazy to first discuss things. There is no harm in getting to know each other first.

It’s really important to tick off all those ‘unwanted’ things before you jump into the love part. The unnecessary drama could be easily avoided. That doesn’t guarantee less disagreements but a better understanding of each others needs and expectations.


What other basics can you think of?


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Until then stay safe!

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