June Newsletter 2020

Hello 👋🏻 June!

We’re heading into our fourth month of working from home, and we’re officially half way through 2020. Be it in love, life or work…here are some friendly reminders:

  • It is possible to create in isolation. This is an opportunity to think out of the box.
  • Embrace the new normal and reach out to other for guidance.
  • It’s time to work in your side hustle or learn new skills.

None of us saw COVID-19 coming but we’ll not go down without a fight. Last week Friday we had a chat with Dali Jalmeni, a radio presenter and motivational speaker. Watch the live Instagram chat below:


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Dali Jalmeni embraces the new normal. He believes self-awareness and faith will help us navigate in this pandemic.

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Less talking and more doing.

2020 can still be your year; we have time!


Until then stay safe!

Your wingman in becoming a better man,


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