Dali Jalmeni Embraces The New Normal

Daluxolo Jalmeni is a radio personality, speaker and influencer. Jalmeni is the personification of Nelson Mandela’s famous saying ‘the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow’. The 24 -year-old, Eastern Cape born-and-bred personality blew onto the media scene in 2017 after being discovered by his now mentor, DJ Sbu, on social media.

Tomorrow (18:00pm) we’ll be chatting live on Instagram with Dali Jalmani on how he creates in ‘isolation’. None of us saw COVID-19 coming and it’s affecting the majority of us. Perhaps it’s time for us to think out of the box, adapt and create a new normal for us. 


 What do you think makes you a “better man”?
I think what makes me a better man is my self awareness, having a good character, being bold in the pursuit of my dreams, vision and goals, self respect and having good manners and habits. I think what makes me a better man is my desire to want to add value in society and my community in using my talents, gifts and abilities that God has blessed me with. What makes me a better man is the urge to want to change the world or atleast have an impact in the world. what makes me a better man is wanting a balance in career, life, family and fun. what makes me a better man is being a man after Gods heart.
What was your situation (career, plans etc) before COVID-19? 
Before COVID-19, I was excited for my national schools / University speaking tour and expanding my growth in the radio industry. Also hosting my own conferences and working on a book, which I am still working on. I was working towards a TV show, which got distracted by the COVID-19.
How’s your current situation? 
I am a place where I am reworking my plans and strategies in terms of my career. I am researching my industry and how I can navigate it and still be functional and add value. I am also using a lot of social media to push out my creative work and my digital business. Covid 19 is pushing me to think outside the box and truly work on reinventing myself in a way that will speak to the globe changes and such pandemics. I am excited for the for the ideas that will come out of the period.
Is it possible to create in isolation? 
Yes it is. I personally think in isolation comes the best ideas, inventions and solutions. its a perfect time to dig deeper as a creative to find deeper potential and capacity.
What skills does one need to have to survive COVID-19?
No, I think. we still have the potential and capacity to under what is negative into a positive. the biggest ideas sometimes come from chaos, noise and destruction.
I personally think we all needs to skill ourselves in the tech and digital space, the ability to sell whatever your talent, ability to do something, product, service or idea online.
Do you have any advice for creatives who are affected by COVID-19?
Use this time to empower yourself. To be better on your craft, to push your self to work and think outside the box. but also use this time for yourself, take care of yourself, your heart and mental health, I say this cause I know as creatives we are sensitive beings.

Do you have any questions for Dali? Drop them on the comment section below for tommorow’s IG chat.


Until then stay safe!

Your wingman in becoming a better man,


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