Men, Call Each Other Out For Abusive Behaviour

Men, can we activate our “better men code”?

The senseless violence against women has to STOP. Men need to call out other men. That’s just a first step not a solution. The days of turning a blind eye have reached an expiry date.

Bro, we can’t keep on covering up for our mates who see nothing wrong in abusing their partners. Cut all the excuses, nothing will ever make abusive behaviour OK. If you’re still hiding behind the hashtag #NotAllOfUs you’re part of the problem. How is minding your own business or being neutral making women feel safe?

The lame excuses such as “she provoked me” should no longer be entertained.

South Africa is the country with the highest number of cases of violence against women in the world. Men, how did we get there?

Many abusive men don’t realise the extent of their behaviour — leaving the ones closest to them to endure years of emotional and physical torment.

Bro, imagine a society where men call each other out. That’s a ‘different guy code’. The first rule is (you mess up ― we report you) putting women’s rights first. A society where women are free to walk any time of day without the fear of being raped or killed. Isn’t that what we all want?

Kicking, hitting, chocking and killing women shouldn’t be the only ‘love’ language we know. Our mothers, sisters, partners and daughters can no longer live in fear.

Remember, by not confronting abuse to avoid the risk of losing street cred, you’re condoning the behaviour.

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