Why Men Suffer in Silence?

Men, it’s totally OK to ask for help. There should be no shame in expressing your emotions. And no guilty in taking medication for any mental health issues.

Be-capable, Be-strong, Don’t-show-weakness“.

This is so unfair, men are expected to be able to fix themselves, which contributes to the stigma. Men are supposed to be providers and fixers, and unfortunately this excludes the possibility that a provider and fixer can be both strong and vulnerable.

Men are taught to soldier on ― “don’t let them see you sweat”. The toxic version of what it means to be a man with well-rounded mental wellness is another problem. Covid-19 has left many people jobless ― these unprecedented times will increase the suicide rates amongst men who already suffering from issues they can’t talk about.

Women seek help with mental health issues more often than men, which means that psychologists know less about how men react and deal with their mental health problems, and that affects how men are treated.

Society prefer men being aggressive instead of breaking down. It is taught a very young age that “boys don’t cry”. No wonder men don’t put in any real effort to examine the demons in their minds.

“Don’t be weak”. “Prove that you’re a real man”. So often, we encourage this way of thinking. We shame young men for expressing sadness or pain. And then we’re confused when adult men can’t express how they’re feeling.

Bro, why suffer in silence? Reach out to a friend or seek for professional help. Of course, you’re strong but you’re also human.

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