Take notes: These guys understand “personal branding”

A huge social media following is a form of social proof. Simply having an account isn’t enough – unless the intention is to only keep in touch with your high school mates.

Have you heard about personal branding?

A personal brand is almost like a corporate brand. Instead of marketing a business, you market yourself. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, photographer, or speaker, you can quickly build your brand and upscale your business like never before.

There was a time when only celebrities or big companies had personal brands. A time when famous actors, musicians, and TV personalities got all the attention.

The guys below have positioned and packaged their personal brands on social media to financially benefit themselves and create impactful campaigns.

Menzi Mcunu



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After being dubbed by GQ as Best dressed Man of the Year in 2017, Menzi has become a prominent figure in Mzansi fashion. His eccentric and unique style is a go-to aesthetic for South African men.

Menzi has a huge following, mostly men (and women who can’t resist his fashion sense) who trust his advice on fashion.

Seth Shezi



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When it comes to having influence, we can safely say that GQ Best Dressed 2018 winner, Creative director at Shezi.ink, Freelance content creator and contributing editor at Wanted magazine, Seth Shezi, has it.

From where to stay, eat and what to wear, Shezi is a go to guy you can trust.

Mashao seabela



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Mashao, Limpopo-born entrepreneur, visual blogger, founder of MS digital and recipient of the Presidential Award for Leadership. It doesn’t end there, Mashao completed an Environmental Science and Politics degree at the University of Cape Town in 2018.

Collaborating with brands is a side hustle for him, he has a full-time gig as an Environmental Scientist.

Thaamir Moerat



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Thaamir wears many hats, if he isn’t occupied with “lights, camera, action” as an actor or model, he’s training a sales team through his company Talk-to-Sales. Thaamir is also a founder of 1Minute Film Festival – giving filmmakers around the globe a platform to showcase their talents.

Richmond Ekow Barnes



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Ekow Barnes is a fashion writer & producer. He specializes in fashion writing, producing content in Africa. He hails from Ghana. Ekow Barnes has a diverse portfolio of clients both internationally and domestically.

Clients include Mercedez-Benz, Emirates, Uber, Essence, Glamour Magazine, and more.

JP Robberts



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JP is a social media influencer He has become a force to be reckoned with in the social media world and boasts a powerful worldwide following. He’s considered the “Michael Bubble” of Mzansi, having a number of performances under his belt.


Before you come up with a strategy to build your personal brand answer this question “what matters to you?”. That’s the secret behind every successful brand out there – showing up as your true self and the rest will follow.

6 thoughts on “Take notes: These guys understand “personal branding”

  1. Merle Darleen says:

    Personal branding is very important. Social media makes it very easy for anyone to market their personal brand. It is a great tool that works especially if you will later become an entrepreneur

  2. Mthaniya Sai says:

    Personal branding goes a long way and is very important. Before you sell someone a skin, product or service, make sure that you personal branding is great because people buy you more than anything else.

  3. Nkosazana says:

    One thing l have learnt as an entrepreneur is that people buy you and not your product. People will be first drawn to you, your lifestyle etc first before being interested in the products or skill you are selling. So give people that.

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