5 Skincare Tips to Help You Look Your Best

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, performing the essential function of holding you together and protecting everything inside your body. Considering how important it is, it only makes sense that we need to diligently care for it.

Many men do not actually have a dedicated skincare routine other than soap and water, but we need to step up our game. All you need is a simple, efficient routine to get your skin looking the best that it can.

Not only will you be taking care of your body, but you will also end up feeling good about yourself.

Many of us do not know much about how to care for our skin, so it is hard to start building a routine and getting the right products.

Here are some helpful tips to get you going:

Find Your Skin Type

Your skin type refers to the hydration level of your skin. This is important knowledge to have when starting out. If you do not know your skin type, you cannot possibly know what the right products and ingredients to use are.

If you are using the wrong products for your skin type, then they simply will not be effective and could even make your skin worse.

So, how do you find what it is?

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser while in the shower.
  2. Do not moisturize or put any other product on it. Leave it to sit for one hour.
  3. After waiting an hour, examine your skin in the mirror.
    • If it is shiny and looks like you have sweat a little, you have oily skin.
    • If your skin feels tight and looks flaky, you have dry skin.
    • If certain spots are shiny and certain spots are tight, you have combination skin.
    • If there is no tightness or shininess, you have normal skin. Lucky you!

Make sure that you do this at night before you go to bed so as not to expose vulnerable skin to sun damage. Another easy way to tell is by the size of your pores, which might be better if the weather is contributing to the shininess or dryness of your skin.

The bigger your pores are, the more likely your skin is to be oily.

Use SPF Daily

Protecting your skin from the sun is perhaps the most helpful thing that you can do for it. Sunscreen is by far the best anti-ageing product that you could possibly use. Harmful UV rays cause wrinkles, dark spots and even skin cancer with too much exposure.

You should be using SPF even in winter and on cloudy days – UV rays are still present then even though it may not look like it. You do not have to use a heavy-duty sunscreen that you would wear to the beach every day.

There are plenty of moisturizers formulated with sun protection which are more comfortable for everyday use and will protect your skin just the same.

Use Moisturizer Every Day

Speaking of moisturizer, it is another product that you should be using daily.

Your cleanser can sometimes leave your skin feeling a little stripped, so following it up with moisturizer can make your face feel better as well as contributing to your skin’s health.

Moisturizer traps water to hydrate your skin, leaving you looking bright, glowy and soft.

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Use Warm Instead of Hot Water

There is nothing better than a hot shower or bath on a cold day, but we must consider what it may be doing to our skin. Hot water dries out your skin by stripping it of its natural oils and can easily cause irritation.

Warm water, on the other hand, opens your pores just enough for effective cleansing and softening without drying you out. If you do feel that you absolutely need to have a hot shower, try to limit it to 5 minutes long.

Pat Your Skin Dry, Do not Rub.

This goes for your whole body, especially if your skin is extra vulnerable due to a hot shower. Rough towels have the potential to cause irritation, dryness and abrasions when rubbed against the skin.

Gently patting it dry will be just as effective and will not harm you, especially your delicate facial skin.

9 thoughts on “5 Skincare Tips to Help You Look Your Best

  1. Ntando says:

    I love how younger gents are making an effort to take care of themselves, learning about different ways of preventing breakouts and maintaining good skin care routine.

    I wish we had man box all those years ago so more men could be educated and made comfortable about self care.

    Thank you for giving us a platform to learn and exchange experiences and grow. Big up!

  2. Anita Neo Chauke says:

    This article really helps. For the past few days l have been taking the test to get to know my skin type and my life is sooo easier now.

  3. Merle Darleen says:

    This is profound. Most of us men do not have this information at our fingertips and l really appreciate this post. Knowing your skin type is as important as knowing your blood type. Once you know then you make an informed decision when buying skincare products.

  4. Mthaniya Sai says:

    The skincare tips are really helping. I think most of us men are clueless when it comes to skincare. With summer around the corner, lets drink more water and wear sunscreen.

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