These Podcasts Will Make You A Better Man

Podcasts have rapidly become one of the most used (non-video) storytelling mediums of our age. Whether you have a hectic schedule or always on the road, podcasts go where you go, when you want to go there. 

I believe most us are in a journey of self-discovery and constantly seek for guidance. The daily challenges tend to shift our attention and trap us in “reaction mode”. 

Therefore we’ve put together a list of local and international podcasts, that will help you into becoming a better man. 


Better Husband, Father, and Man 

The Better Husband, Father, and Man podcast is a show dedicated to empowering, encouraging, and equipping you to become exactly what our title says, a better husband, father, and man.

Son of a Son

A podcast presented by Kgabo Legora unpacking how better men raise better kids.

I knew one day I’d be a father but I also had the intent to be a Great father but knew that I would need other men, peers and older – around me to sharpen me for that. So I had the idea of creating a platform of talking to different fathers from different backgrounds to share stories that other fellow dads in the country could draw lessons from. That is now #SonOfASon came about”. – Kgabo Legora

How To Be A Better Man Podcast

The How To Be A Better Man Podcast is for the man who is on a journey of self-discovery to become the best version of himself.

Modern Manhood: The Podcast


This podcast will mostly concentrate on the systemic issues, struggles, and hopes for masculinities. With a pro-feminist viewpoint, we’ll investigate how masculinity has changed throughout our lives and what the future looks like for gender.

Bro, where do you go for inspiration or guidance? It could be a book, movie, music or physical activity that keeps you sharp. 

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