This Is Why We Should Support the LGBT Community

LGBT community in Mzansi is going through a tough time—to say the least. Their rights are under attack, something that we shouldn’t even be debating in 2021.

If you’re not a member of the “alphabet gang” it’s easy to label them as “clout seekers” or blame them for the cancel culture. Perhaps there shouldn’t be “us” and “them” in the first place. The worst is the violence, exclusion and killing of LGBT people. 

Heterosexual privilege – the everyday privileges straight people in society. It should be a thing of the past!

For example, the ability to display attraction or affection (e.g., holding hands or kissing in public) to the opposite gender in public without fear of judgment or even violence. 

Anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, can support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. Being an “ally” doesn’t only mean sharing tweets about gay rights or use the rainbow flag as your profile picture. And while there is no step-by-step guide of being an allay, doing so requires action, education and advocacy. 


For the LGBT community, an ally is a straight and/or cisgender person who supports and advocates for LGBT people. Do you want to become an ally?

It’s not something you can do in closed doors or behind your computer screen. Allies can be effective and powerful voices for the LGBT equality, and can’t only help LGBT people feel comfortable coming out, but also help others understand the importance of equality and fairness for all people.


The first step in protecting LGBT people in our communities is coming out as an ally. Be proud to support our brothers and sisters of the LGBT community. Remember at Manbox we’re all about encouraging each other to be the best versions of ourselves.  


Bro, are you an LGBT ally? If yes, please share your experience or details of the movements you support in your community. 


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6 thoughts on “This Is Why We Should Support the LGBT Community

  1. Artfornomads says:

    I’m a gay man. At all times always an ally. I pray we all raise kids who feel safe and loved so they won’t feel half empty as adults not being themselves.

  2. Maldwin says:

    I have many friends and family members who fall into this “category”. I say category because it is, that we as heterosexuals – males especially – are boxing people into what we consider our norms.

    What happens to the idea of loving everyone as they are? I have no problem calling myself pro LGBTI+ but that means that I would think myself better than them, herein lies the problem. I am NOT better than them – I have “gay” friends who will smack me down in a street fight, friends who outperform in the arts. I wish that I was as good as some of them are talented. I wish I was as wise as some of them but I am not

    So what makes me better than them? Nothing… They are my family and friends and for me to have them in my circle and have my back is an honour, like I have theirs each and every day.

  3. kgomotsomebombo says:

    This article has taught me a lot about the LGBTI+ community and that they are also normal people like the rest of the people and they deserve to be treated with respect. We should not discriminate against them but support them and learn about their sexuality, no need to judge them based on their sexuality.

  4. sibusisodnl says:

    Thank you for this Article it really touched me as a Black African Gay men from the Township called Khayelitsha in Cape Town who have went through everything that every gaymen or LGBTI+ Persons have went throu because of our sexual orientation/Prefrences been ausolted , beaten , thrown with stones and called names but it never put me down but instead made me stronger and i have standed for myself and many others who are cannot stand for themselves and started a safe space in 20008 which has become an organisation now called the Khulani Khayelitsha Queer Hub based in Khayelitsha and support the communitties surrounding as much as it was a Pride Month but to be honest theres nothing to celebrate while so many LGBTI+ are been Murderdmin the country and in africa because of ther sexuality where must we go ? why is our gorvenment not taking any action ? How many of us LGBTI people must die / Raped/ Assaulted before Hate is a Crime ?