Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile

One of the most stressful parts of online dating is undoubtedly creating your profile. Since the only impression you’re making is through pictures and a bio, you have the ability to carefully control the first impression you make. This can be a good thing, but it’s also quite a lot of pressure. There is a right way to do it though, and we’re here to help! Here are some of our top tips for creating the perfect online dating profile that will get them to swipe right every time.


Stay Away From Competitive and Dismissive Language

Adding things into your bio like “message me and I might give you a chance” or “I don’t care about how much you love margaritas” is an immediate turn off, and you could miss out on the chance to talk to someone that you might really click with.  You may think these things might encourage potential partners to try hard to win you over or show that you have self-respect and know what you want, but all it achieves is making you come across as hostile, closed-minded and even insecure. You don’t want to make people feel like you’re devaluing them. Just be nice in general! Trying to be an “alpha-male” never works out and can backfire hard.


Keep Your Bio Short

Nobody has time to read a novel while they’re swiping, and will likely lose interest quickly if it’s too long. Try to keep it to some of your main interests and key information about you as a person. You can also flaunt that sense of humour of yours! Making it lighthearted and easy to read as well as maintaining a little mystery will hook people and give you things to talk about. You could even add some eye-catching emojis to represent your interests or aesthetic.


Curate a Varied Selection of Photos

Now time for the main event. Your pics are the main thing that people are going to be looking at, so it’s important that you get them just right. Upload as many photos as the app will allow you to, or 3 as the bare minimum. If people don’t have a clear sense of what you look like they’re far less likely to swipe right. Make sure you get a good mixture of all different kinds of photos – a couple selfies are okay, but it’s also important to get some full body shots and a few different angles. You could even add some photos with friends to show that you get on well with people. The key is not having all your photos be too similar. Choosing photos can sometimes bring up some insecurities, which is perfectly natural, but trust that you’re most definitely going to be somebody’s type. We promise, you’re great and you will make connections.


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8 thoughts on “Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile

  1. Artfornomads says:

    It’s so hard to date nowadays with everyone’s expectation being that the other potential partner has to have everything figured out. honestly we’re supposed to grow together in the relationship so when future obstacles approach we don’t judge or act ‘brand new’, but rather work as a team and solve any rising problems. Dating apps are the new norm and also somewhat safer, you never know who you end up meeting in real life. So with common sense I’d say just be confident really. and put your best foot forward and know when to say no.