Tyrone Fisher Creates In Isolation Due to COVID-19

Tyrone Fisher is an aspiring Author, Radio Presenter and Academic. Basically, a storyteller and thinker. He’s the co-host of Not Really Radio  podcast – where they talk about anything and everything. If you dig casual and insightful chat  – give them a listen.

After Tyrone was placed on no work no pay due to the national lockdown he created Over Saturated and created a course that he’s going to be selling on Teachable.

The Manbox team had a privilege to chat with Tyrone on how he creates in ‘isolation’. None of us saw COVID-19 coming and it’s affecting the majority of us. Perhaps it’s time for us to think out of the box, adapt and create a new normal for us. 


 What do you think makes you a “better man”?

I believe my ability to pursue male vulnerability has made me a better man. Working to allow myself to feel and experience my emotions. Understanding that working through those is how I grow.

What was your situation (career, plans etc) before COVID-19? 

I was working full-time at a luxury travel agency. I had Over Saturated and Not Really Radio as a side hustle. I was planning on staying there until the end of the year and figure out what my next step will be, while maintaining my side hustles.

How’s your current situation? 

I recently got put on a no work no pay basis. I am now freelancing in the digital marketing industry and working to grow Over Saturated and Not Really Radio so that I can earn a living doing those.

Would you have started Over Saturated if you were not affected by COVID-19? 

Definitely, I have been running Over Saturated for the last year. However, I would not have been pursuing it as much as I am if it weren’t for COVID.

Is it possible to create in isolation? 

I think so. I have been creating, but I do think being in isolation during a global pandemic makes it hard to find inspiration to create. I rate if you want to create you have to push yourself. Which is good, but you do also need to give yourself grace. We are in crisis mode.

Do you think we should just cancel 2020? 

No. While this year has not been great, even in isolation there are joys to be had and I think we need to pursue those. Considering the reality that anything can be here today and gone tomorrow, we need to appreciate every moment. Even more so than before.

Tell us more about your podcast…

My podcast is called Not Really Radio. My co-host and I met at campus radio, we were both on the verge of working in commercial radio before that fell through. We both felt that radio didn’t allow for open, honest and genuine conversation, so we made Not Really Radio.

It is essentially a conversational podcast, where Miv and I chat about whatever topic we want to per episode. We often feature other voices chatting about whatever feels relevant in any given episode. We’ve covered topics from religion in Africa to money in relationships to transformation in Rugby.

What skills does one need to have to survive COVID-19? 

I would say Grit. It is incredibly difficult to get up in the morning and work hard, when there is no guarantee of a salary from a company or from working for yourself. You need to keep going without giving up on your goals. You need to find a way to motivate yourself when everything around you seems like it’s crumbling. That takes Grit.

Do you have any advice for other creatives who are affected by COVID-19?

Use the internet to your advantage and don’t be afraid to do it yourself. Sadly, it looks like as creatives we have to save ourselves at the moment. Fortunately, the internet provides tons of outlets where you can create and earn a living. Keep creating and find those outlets to make sure you can eat next month.

Next week Thursday (21 May) at 18:30pm we’ll be chatting live on Instagram with Tyrone Fisher. Make sure you tune and ask him any questions!

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Until then stay safe!

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