This Is How to Use Social Media During Lockdown

Of course, social media will never replace the social need for physical engagement with other humans. However, with social distancing measures the new norm across the globe, we’re living our lives online.

Social media has always been the place where people talk, but with people being isolated, it has become the only place people talk.

Because of this, it is undoubtedly the most important channel for people to promote their work. Let’s face it, the current situation forces most of us to put out their work out there.


#1 Reach out 

The traditional way of looking for a job (searching for available job posts online) is not ideal during this crisis. Perhaps it’s time to try other avenues such as ‘reaching out” to your connections on LinkedIn.

Reaching out begins with first understanding what you bring on the table. Trust me, even in such times your skills are needed in place you were previously not considering.


#2 Create an online identity

Bro, before you try to turn your side hustle into a profitable business venture – perhaps you should start with your online identity.

Social media isn’t always a numbers game – if you bring value, of course, the traffic will build up organically. People prefer to have an inside info, the story behind the brand. So, make sure your personal story aligns with what you offer.


# Follow your curiosity 

The If there can be such a thing as a silver lining to the COVID-19 crisis, one might be that we all have more time. Why not put it to good use by doing an online course?

This is a perfect opportunity to give attention to that thing (whatever it is) you’ve always wanted to fully understand. Bro, knowledge is power! Use this time to learn new skills and build yourself as a brand.

COVID-19 can’t be an excuse for neglecting your 2020 dreams.


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Until then stay safe!

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