How To Tame Your Hair During Lockdown

Bro, it’s Day-14 of lockdown! 

In today’s installment of ‘How to Thrive in a 21-Day Lockdown, and Emerge and Better Man’,  we’re talking taming your hair during lockdown.

While the whole world is on pause, my hair seems to be growing faster than ever?!

Bro, it’s been 14 days since I last saw my barber … and I’ve starting to have these crazy dreams about meeting him in a dark alley at midnight.

As a chiskop guy (that’s a clean-shave haircut, if you didn’t know it), I’ve had to take down the mirrors in my house to save me from the feelings of disgust and despair.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me: most guys have a special bond with their barbers.

Getting a haircut is like an amazing therapy session …

For the mental health of our nation – and to stop us becoming a bunch of wild animals – barbers should have been classified as essential services!

But they’re not!

So as the ‘government of grooming for gents’, the Manbox crew is here serve you, our people.

Here are three ways to tame the tangle and harness your hair during lockdown, so that you can emerge a better a man in about a week from now].

#1 Keep your hair fresh 

If you don’t wash your hair regularly you’ll have problems, bro.

Do we really need to paint a picture of filthy flakes falling from your head, and coating everything from your furniture to your food?

You’re a better man that, bro.

Also, the kind of shampoo that you use matters!

Check out the options (and reviews from fellow Manbox men) here.

#2 Embrace your new look

Next week the barber shops will be super packed … and you might even be allowed to stand in a long line with other people for hours at a time.

But for now you have to embrace your afro or curly hair as if you chose it.

Remember, we’re all in the same hairy-pirate ship, my man.

To help you embrace your newly flowing locks, we recommend that you watch ‘Braveheart’, an epic 1995 movie starring Mel Gibson.

Yoh!  So much hair in that movie!

#3 Remind yourself that it will be over soon 

The goal for most men is to spend as little time in the bathroom as possible.

Some say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

Others say that without sadness, we cannot truly appreciate happiness.

But we say that where attention goes energy flows.

Stop wasting time and energy on how much you hate your hair right now, focus on the image of how sharp you are going to look and feel when this is all over.

You’re more than half way through the 21 day lockdown, bro.

You’re so very close to emerging on the other side as a better man.

In tomorrow’s installment of “How to Thrive in a 21-Day Lockdown, and Emerge and Better Man’, we’re talking about…it’s a surprise

Until then stay safe!

Your wingman in becoming a better man,


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