A Guy’s Guide to Jewelry

As a man, it can be really hard to know where to start with jewelry.

It seems that the only acceptable things to wear are either a chunky neck chain or a watch and a wedding band – everything else has a stigma around it. If you’re into big and bold bling, that’s cool. If you’re not, there are ways to subtly navigate the world of male jewelry.

When shopping around for pieces to enhance your outfits, be on the lookout for things that you know will be versatile. You want to invest in something that you’re going to be able to wear to work and on the weekends. The easiest way to do this is to go for simple pieces, nothing too flashy or colourful.

Most men’s accessories are metal, and it’s always a good idea to match the type of metals that you’re wearing. You don’t want clashing gold, silver and bronze all in one look. Simplicity and complimentary colours will lead to versatility.

So how do you pick and style specific types of jewelry?


A good bracelet is underestimated. They can really make a huge difference to your look, especially paired with a solid colour t shirt and a subtle complimentary necklace. Instead of opting for one thick one, try going with two layered thinner ones instead. For example, a thin metal band and a subtle black or brown corded bracelet is a classy combo. Try to balance everything out – if you’re wearing a ring on your right hand, wear your bracelets on your left wrist.


Unless it’s a signet ring or family heirloom, the thinner the better when it comes to rings. They’re not distracting and they’re far more comfortable, especially if you type on a computer often. Less is more – only wear a maximum of two on each hand, and try to occasionally mix up which fingers you wear them on.


Because of their front and centre placement, necklaces can be the star of the show. Again, go for something minimal and maybe even something a little more personal. Keep it subtle enough that you have the option to tuck it into your shirt so that just a little bit of chain is peeking out if you don’t want to be showing it off all the time. Something that comes down to your mid-chest is a good option. If you wanted to you could even layer a couple on top of each other – just make sure that the charms don’t clash with each other.


Watches don’t always have to be super fancy to look good! Make these functional pieces look sleek by going with a one that has a simple clock face and a leather strap. A watch is definitely something worth investing in as you can wear them in almost any context, and if you pick the right one it’ll look good with every outfit.


This is a difficult one. People have many different opinions on men having pierced ears, and in some contexts it may be necessary to remove them. Good thing they can be put in and taken out at your convenience! For this reason, we say that if you want a pair you should go for it. In terms of the look of the jewelry itself, opt for an understated stud or thin hoop to play it a little safe.


Remember that these are just general guidelines. If you want to be bolder, go for it! Add your own flair and style your jewelry according to your preferences, just don’t shy away from it. It’s something that can really take your style to the next level. 

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